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Monday, November 28, 2005

One Stop Shopping

You have to love the internet.. if for nothing else you don't have to fight the crowds to go shopping!

Last March my son got married. He married a very pretty gal named Kat. Along with now having a daughter (in-law) I also got a bonus in the deal. Kat had been married before and has a 9 year old son named Brent. So not only did I got the daughter I never had but a grandson to boot!

And what a kid he is! When i visited them for a week before the wedding, I got to know Brent. I couldn't ask for more in a grandson! He got me hooked on "spider solatair" and on (of all things) Nascar racing! He knows every racer and every car there is i think!! lol.. I never watched it before but now I find myself watching and rooting for his favorite racer Jimmie Johnson lol.

I also found out that not only is my grandson the cutest kid i know but he's smart and does really well in school. So, it wasn't too big of a surprise that i found out he enjoys reading. Now, here's a kid who had handheld computer games, plays on the computer itself and yet like to read!! How cool is that!

I decided I would encourage his enthusiam in reading for Christmas so I found myself at today. Kat told me he was reading Harry Potter (the first book) .. hmmm, i read them too.. does this make me 9 years old like my grandson????

Anyway as you can guess I ordered the set of Harry Potter books, he will still have to get the 6th book but it's not in paperback yet. I continued looking around in Amazon and discovered that one of MY favorite authors Margaret Weis had made the Dragon Lance books for young people! Ohhhhh, my oh my.. could I possibly pass that up? That would be a chance to chat with my grandson about books I've read toooooooo... Ohhhhhhh my oh my.. ok.. "click" I ordered those too! lol lol Hmmm, this shopping on line is a might too easy! lol

As one last item I also ordered a movie for him: Leminy Snickets: A Series of Unfortunate Events. Now, there is a method to my madness ordering that particular movie.. if he enjoys it, there is a whole series of Leminy Snickets books!! Heh.. ol' granny isn't quite senile yet!

So.. there you have it. I did the most important shopping on line, in the comfort of my own home! No cursing at people taking "your parking spot".. no pushing or shoving... ahhhhhhhhh, what a relief.

Something i do enjoy around the Christmas shopping days is to be "done with it"! lol.. THEN I go to a mall and just sit and listen to Christmas music and people watch!! That way I'm not pressed to shop, and don't feel frantic that I won't find what I want.. I just sit and enjoy the view!!

May all of your Holiday shopping be enjoyable!!


Blogger Judith HeartSong said...


I will be doing very little shopping, just a few little things. Great to read this post.

10:25 AM  
Blogger betty said...

I do the majority of my shopping online. In fact I rather pay the shipping charges than drive to a store. Its so convenient and you can shop at any time of the day or night. is one of my favorite places to shop through too!

Seems like your grandson is going to have a great Christmas thanks to grandmother this year :)


7:22 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Oh, I love to shop online. It is definitely too easy. I agree. and too much fun. The best part is getting the goodies in the mailbox and opening them up. It can be addicting for sure.

Go to ebay sometime. You'll be stuck there for days. LOL


8:47 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

he'll probably LOVE the goosebump books too. There are MANY of them.

Shame he isn't a girl, you could hook him on the Little House on the Prairie books, and Anne of Green Gables! and Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm. Now we are relieving MY childhood books. :)

8:49 PM  

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