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Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy day after

First I want to wish everyone a happy "day-after"!! I hope everyone got something that they wanted and had lots of happy surprises!!

So.. Christmas is over and now it's on to New Year's Eve and a whole New Year. Wow, 2006.. I'm still having trouble leaving 1999!! Though we are entering 2006 I still can't get over that i lived so long we left the 1900's!!

Sometimes it really is strange. Wasn't it always supposed to be "19something?" As I grew up I never even imagined it leaving 19-something or other.. sheesh.. and here it is 6 years into the 2000's! (and I still don't think I actually grasp that it is!)

As I grew older i realized there were many things i don't actually "remember". The biggest one of all is.. when did i become old? I mean, you get up each day and do your daily stuff and for the most part one day is just like the other, with exceptions here and there of course, but for the most part things are the same each day. Then one day you look in the mirror to comb your hair, and your hair is gray! Your face sure isn't smooth anymore, and you stare at the stranger in the mirror. When did i get old?

Maybe it's the coming of another year and knowing that I will be another year older too.. I'm not sure. I just know that until i actually got old, I never considered "time".. and how fast it goes by. I know you can tell anyone younger, be it teenager or someone in their 20's or 30's or even 40's and they are still all so busy "getting thru each day" that I KNOW they don't take the time to stop and think that time really is going by fast.

I wish i knew a way to make each day longer. I don't really mean hours longer, but more.. just make it go by slower so that things aren't overlooked or missed. Because one day everyone will look in that mirror and wonder: When did i get old?

Ooookay, I can feel myself slipping deeper into my depression part, I will quit while I am ahead here...

So here is a wish for a healthy and happy 2006! May it be your best year yet!!


Blogger swan_pr said...

I think that the "getting through each day" thing is also a way of either avoiding a problem in your life, or escaping a situation. it's too late when we finaly realize that we should've stopped and dealt with it right away, so that we could've enjoyed the following days...

happy new year to you too :)

11:49 AM  

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