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Monday, February 20, 2006

Remembering Nana

This is a photo of my Nana. (holding yours truly) Hard to believe it when you look at her that this sweet little old lady uttered those words in my last post about "chitting in one hand..." but she did! There were other things she uttered too but I don't want to shake up AOL lol.. However.. I would like to hear a favorite saying from your parents or grandparents that you always remember.

When I was about 6 or so, I remember Nana would let me braid her long white hair and then she'd pin it up. She was something my Nana.. from what I've heard, my mother was the last of twenty-three (that's 23) children she adopted over her long life. She only had one biological child, my Uncle Larry.

There was a story I remember my brother always telling me about Nana and each time he'd tell the story he'd start to laugh and by the time he would finish we'd both be laughing so hard we'd be crying.

Back when I was only a few years old and my brother, since he is five years older then me, remembers that in Nana's kitchen she had a wood burning stove. (I remember that, and the irons we'd put on top to heat up with the changeable handle) Well, it seems in the winter, sometimes Nana just couldn't get warm and she'd back up close to the stove, lifting her dress to warm her long undies. One time she did this and my brother was near the stove and couldn't help but notice burn marks on Nana's long undies from getting a wee bit too close at times! Now, I know it's not polite to laugh at your Nana, but really.. the picture of her with her butt up near that stove with burn marks on her undies.. well.. it's a hard vision NOT to laugh at.
Anyway... I thought I would celebrate my Nana and found some things about getting old that, if she never said them, I'm sure she would have if she had the chance!..

Getting old is: when an "all-nighter" means not getting up to pee. (did you know there are female urine bottles? I didn't until recently..this thought came to me because for me to have to, ummm go potty in the middle of the night,means walking down 12 stairs, through two rooms and into the (cold) bathroom..then back through two rooms, up 12 stairs, get back into bed, and then EXPECT to fall back to sleep?.. not~ it just doesn't happen! by then you are wide awake!)
Getting old is: when going bra-less pulls all the wrinkles out of your face. (unfortunately, this does not really work.. but oh how it should!)

Getting Old is: when no one expects you to run -- anywhere.(thank gawd!)

Getting old is: when CRS is the "norm"! (finally!!!)

Getting old is: when you can finally say what is on your mind.. and blame it on old age! (oh yeah! oh yeah!)

Getting Old is: when you quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room. (this is all too true.. but it is not without reason. No one even looks at an old lady. Even old men don't bother to look..they are too busy looking at the young woman so that they "can feel young again".. I wonder why so many older men think the young woman will keep them young, when all they do is give them heart attacks! duh.)

And my ALL TIME FAVORITE: Getting old is: when you are no longer responsible for anything you say or do!! (yeeeeeee hawwwww, nuff said!)


Blogger Gannet Girl said...

24 children!!!!!!!

5:36 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

My boyfriend's family is the one with all the great sayings--things like "tighter than a bull's ass in fly season" and such. His grandmother was a hoot, and I dearly wish I could have met the woman. There is a photo of her in the livingroom, all dressed up with earrings and such--the pic doesn't do justice to the stories I've heard of her as a farm woman who was widowed young and raised six children on her own--things like, her accidentally splitting the dog's head open with an ax (a wrong move on his part while she was chopping firewood). She laid the dog on the ground, put her knee on his head so he couldn't move, and stitched up the wound with a needle and thread from her sewing box. Now THAT's a REAL woman!

10:00 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

P.S. The dog was fine and lived till old age...!

10:01 PM  

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