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Friday, March 24, 2006

Seems like a lifetime ago...

My son Thom and my good friend Annie both asked me to post some photo's from the Trek Cruise we had all taken some years ago... it seems like a lifetime ago.

1987 to be precise, and this is the ship we took the cruise on. It went from Miami to Nassau to an out island and back to Miami. It was a short cruise but it was my first... and only! (Me and the sea don't get along.. I was fine thru the entire cruise, but the moment I stepped off the ship in Miami I got "sea sick"!.. go figure !)

Anyway.. this cruise was set up by Vulcon in Florida. They do Star Trek Conventions and someone dreamed up the idea to take conventions to a new level and have a convention on a ship. I was working part time at Sears at the time and told my husband I'd like to go.. he said "go ahead, but you pay for it".. lol.. ok so I made payments on my charge card for an entire year to be able to go! I forget the exact price but it was somewhere in the vicinity of 600-700 dollars.

Come to find out you could share a room and the second person could go half price or something like that.. so my youngest (teenage) son wanted to go and he paid the cheap price.

This is the very cruise that I met DeForest and Carolyn Kelley at.. the same cruise I did the Lily Tomlin thing for them... and the beginning of a wonderful friendship because of it all.

I took lots of photo's but the bulk of them are in an album I can't readily get my hands on, but I have some I found in another book so i will be using those.

There were alot of the Star Trek people on the Cruise, just not Shatner or Nimoy. But all the rest and extras to boot .. here's a shot of Walter and Nichelle as they were boarding the ship..

I guess I should mention that months before the cruise I called my brother about making me a "gown" for the Captains Dinner. (this was before my brother's stroke) I drew up a picture of what I thought I wanted and asked him if he could make it for me... I had to fly to NJ once for the fitting and then I took it home with me. (Remember this is 19 yrs ago, so I still could squeeze into dresses without looking like a beached whale)

I knew DeForest would be on the Cruise and if I was lucky enough to be at the Captains dinner when he was I wanted to look good! By the time of the dinner we had already met and when passing their table (they sat with the Captain.. of course!) De called me over to talk. He wanted to whisper to me and I leaned over as he told me "The Captain has Carolyn's ear and won't let go"..I looked and sure enough the Captain was gabbing away and poor Carolyn was sitting there smiling and nodding her head the whole time. We laughed about it and De mentioned how nice the gown was... soooooooooooooo.. the trip north to have my brother make it was worth it!!!

While on the Cruise my son managed to have a ball. He had made a t-shirt with a drawing of the cast of Star Trek and had it silk screened and made up a bunch of shirts that he sold on the cruise. He also entered a costume contest, and I think he won something from that too! All in all he came off of the Cruise no worse off then when he went on, even though you had to pay for your own drinks and he gambled a bit. (hmmmm, I got poorer and he came off richer!)

He also had everyone sign one of the shirts, but I don't know what happened to that one.

Then he got up close and personal with Grace Lee Whitney. (she portrayed Yeoman Rand) One of the fun things they did on the out island was to have some races. Thom managed to get chosen to have a sack race with Grace Lee. One foot in a bag and the free foot had a flipper on it. They did good until they both wound up falling in the sand! I was trying to get a good picture of them racing because he had this idea of making a t-shirt with the photo on it saying "I hopped in the sack with Grace Lee Whitney".. Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture. Some time later I saw Grace Lee and told her of the shirt he wanted to make and she got hysterical laughing. She said she would have LOVED it !!

Thom also got to chat with Robin Curtis, who played Lt. Saavik in The Search for Spock. And I got my first hug from DeForest!

Hmmmm... Robin got the good looking kid and I got.... well.... this.

It was way too short a cruise as far as I am concerned, but it was surely a time I will never forget.

All of the "guests" had turns speaking to the crowds on deck and each made time for autographs and chats. Now days, you have to pay a fortune for the "best seats" at most conventions and even then you aren't guaranteed an autograph. But i think the guests had such a good time on the cruise that none of the time spent autographing bothered them very much.

To this day I can't figure out how or why I managed to be on the ship and on land at Nassau and the island and then come to Miami and get sea sick when I got off of the ship! But I will always be grateful that it waited until the convention was over!


Blogger Paula said...

What a great post! What great pictures too--I am especially impressed with the one of Nichelle, who looks like a goddess to me. She's always been impressive, and I love the way she is dressed here, the way she seems to carry herself.

I will have to check Thom's journal to see if he writes an entry recording his version of the trip--I hope he does. "I jumped in the sack with Grace Lee..." Too funny.

This was a nice job on this entry, Pat, and worth every bit of the hard work you no doubt put into it--aol crises and all...!

2:00 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Love the photos and the story, Pat!

Of the Star Trek actors I have met (Doohan, Takei, Barrett, and Shatner), Jimmy Doohan was my favorite. But De was my favorite Star Trek actor that I didn't get to meet.

What great memories you have! Thanks for sharing them with us!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Karen Funk Blocher said...

Sounds like a great time. I tried to put together a Quantum Leap cruise once, but didn't get far with it. The closest thing to a celebrity on my only cruise ever was an Elvis impersonator -and Mickey Mouse, of course.


1:22 AM  

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