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Monday, March 27, 2006


Yesterday... when I really messed up my journal..I also was really busy and made a very large shelf..sorta.. It's 18x53 ..two tiers. It took me all day to do and with my all the time back pain, it was an ordeal. (ever try to hold one piece of wood vertically and another horizontal and use an electric drill at the same time??.. that about tells you why it took me so long !) Anyway.. the reason for making them was so I could get at some of my boxes of pictures. (my De collection).

Before I built what i made, I had a double tier shelf sitting on the boxes (no legs) so if i wanted to get into the boxes it would take me a good half hour moving the stuff from on top of them... then when done, naturally, I had to put it all back. (Too much trouble so I did that exactly ONE time!)

So.. now that i can get to them without killing myself I found the last two pictures that I wanted to have in the post about the Trek Cruise. One in particular Annie was wondering if I had it because she had the same photo taken. We were all treated to a photo shoot where one at a time, we sat with the guests and had our picture taken.

Back row: (left to right) Walter Koenig, DeForest, Mark Leonard (Spocks father), and Grace Lee Whitney.

Front row: George (Sulu), Majel Barret (mrs. Gene Roddenberry), me, Nichelle, Robin Curtis (Saavik) and Jimmy Doohan on the floor.

And the next picture is my son and me at the Captain's Dinner....


Blogger Astaryth said...

Great pics! Looks like a great trip.

Somewhere... in a box {g}, I have a picture of me sitting on Jim Doohan's lap! yep! But, the picture stayed in the camera for too long (i.e. I misplaced the roll of film and found it like 6 years later), and it came out with a funky red tint. But, I kept it anyway cause I was sitting ON Jim Doohan's lap {eg}. Hmmmm... I never really thought about scanning it in and trying to fix it with my Photoshop Elements.... Maybe I'll look for it after we get moved!

5:47 PM  
Blogger Carly said...

Jeepers I LOVE the photos you post! How cool to be sitting with them Star Trek crew. I got to see a few of them at a convention, not too close as I am a bit shy, I would have probably withered and died had I been that close! LOL

6:17 AM  

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