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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Another Quiz...

I came across one of those "quiz things" and decided to do it..

What Type of Writer Should You Be?

Cha! Yeahrightsure! Uhuh.. I'll begin that job right away lol.. Well, it sounds good anyway hahaha..

After I did this quiz I remembered something.. a note I had received from actor Turhan Bey. (I've mentioned him before). I had written him a letter which i am going to show you on this post. (I scanned the letter so i hope it's readable) And his response also... only because they sorta pertain to the quiz above... you be the judge..

His response was the following: (the first sentece is the "important" one)

Deciphered is says: Dear Pat, You should be a writer! Your letter that was forwarded to Vienna and finally reached me here is a masterpiece! Thank you for remembering me! I hope this finds you in high spirits and good health.

So maybe those quizs are right huh? .huh? whadaya think? .. ummmm , no.. not really

But before I end this I want to show you the first photo I ever bought of him that I talk about in the letter... then the photo he sent me with his note.. and lastly my favorite photo of him...

The End.


Anonymous Paul said...

Pat, are you familiar with Look here for more information about Turhan Bey:

10:39 AM  

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