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Friday, April 28, 2006

More Galaxy Adventures?...

My good friend Annie sent me a newspaper article and a cartoon.. I decided to share them here. I'm guess she mailed them because.. well.. she knows I tend not to read newspapers.( the television news is more then depressing enough.)

She also sent them because we both enjoyed Star Trek, we both loved De, and we both have lingering memories. So.. here is the article and cartoon...

(love Ziggy hehe)

It sounds to me as if Paramount is willing to stretch it's arms out once again in hopes of engulfing the many Fans of Star Trek. But, not before putting out a "test" to see if the interest is still there by producing a movie, that may or may not, bring in profits.

By now the fans of Star Trek have become accustomed to "change". They accepted the new crew in Star Trek the Next Generation, and even beyond. So it would be no big surprise to me if a new generated movie would not only stir some of the old fans, but possibly latch on to yet another generation of fans.

To be honest, I find myself wondering if they are sorry they cancelled "Enterprise"? (I don't know about anyone else, but I'm sorry they did!)

But, for those of us of the older generation... it will always be a little hard not to picture the originals still making movies... there are times I just can't believe De is gone or that the others don't look exactly as they did back then. I know even as DeForest grew older part of me always saw him as the "fan" I was long before I got to know him.

And though I still watch Bill Shatner as "Denny Creg" and see Leonard on his Alieve commercial.. they still bring back memories.

Sigh.. just take a gander at them! You have to admit.. they were the best looking of all the generations of Trek! (one in particular to me, but hey.. I wouldn't think of twisting any arms..heh)

Hmmm, I wonder if they will try to find look-alikes? Pshawww.. who am I kidding? They'd never find three that look like those guys!!!


Anonymous julie said...

I have to admit that I've gotten hooked on Boston Legal. I stayed away because Shatner sometimes depresses me, but this is really the perfect role for him. And I'm glad to see some fresh production faces on the new Trek movie. That may be what the franchise needs.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

I was kind of sad when they cancelled Enterprise. I love Star Trek, but I think they need some more creative ideas. I see some of the same stuff from the previous series, and that gets boring after awhile.

I just want to know one thing. How can Power Rangers outlast Star Trek on TV? It's still on the air.

12:25 PM  

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