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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Playing Catch-Up..

Ok.. so I need to catch you up on two things...

1- I forgot to post my Feline Friday from (Sometimes) Photoblog on Friday.. so you will find it here!

2- A catch-up on some of those posts I did for "new life" on the Round Robin.

So, as you can quickly figure out there are a number of photo's to come!

First I caught BooBoo Kitty watching me out the window as I took the photo's to catch you up on the "new life"...

The other day I caught 3 of the cats in the kitchen.. the male cats quickly come to "stare down" anyone at the counter hoping for a handout... you'd think they were starved to death! (don't they look under-nourished?!) That's BooBoo, Frickey and Stinkey patiently waiting...

Ok.. now for a little catch up on that "new life"... First is the Weeping Cherry Tree in FULL bloom...

Next is a close up of the "mystery bush" next to the house.. Though David and my brother planted it, no one can remember it's name!...

And last is one that wasn't blooming in time for "new life".. I love, love, love the tiny wild Violet...

Today turned out to be sunny and VERY warm.. in the 70's!!! This old bod doesn't change as fast as the weather and it feels even hotter!!! I hope ya'll have a wonderful Easter Weekend!


Blogger Carly said...

What a delightful entry. :) Love the kitties, especially the tuxcedo. :)Such great photos.

6:07 AM  

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