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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Have you ever given in to temptation only to regret it later?

That's pretty much the story of my life. Any time I spend some money on something that makes me happy (books, autographs etc) within a short amount of time after ... there comes a reason to regret having spent the money.

In the 6 yrs that I have found myself living with my brother and David I have been on welfare. Starting next month I am no longer on welfare but will be receiving Social Security. 621.00 a month to be precise. At first account it's not a bad deal considering welfare paid me 210.00 a month. But that's only at first glance. No welfare means no Medicaid. (I no longer wonder why people try to stay on welfare)..which means i need medical insurance to the tune of 431.00 a month. (and that's only if you DON'T USE IT!) The co pays and such follow should you need to use it. (so money-wise I am no better off then i was) I won't dwell on this part longer....

Anyway.. there's still that nagging temptation I mentioned ... one of those kind that for a while makes you feel better. (I wonder why that is?) Now.. through this post don't forget... I ALWAYS WIND UP REGRETTING SPENDING THE MONEY.

So.. in my last post (how ironic is that!) I mentioned Conventions, and the high cost of them. Specifically a Creations Convention. (not possible this could get any more ironic!)

So... today in my email box is an advertisement for a Creations Convention. Nothing abnormal there, I subscribe to hear from them just to keep informed as to the goings on.

So.. they are having a convention in the same hotel here in NJ where I go to my annual autograph show. It's called the Elf Convention. That pertains to folks that played the "little people" in Lord of the Rings. (great..great...great movie!)

So.. the first announcements I had heard about this con the guest list consisted of Elijah Woods (Frodo) and Billy Boyd (Pippin). I was interested.. and for a reason. I have this "picture" book of Lord of the Rings.. and in it I have an autograph.. that of Ian McKellen.. Gandalf himself!

So.. I gave it some thought because if i could add Frodo and Pippins autographs in the book.. it immediately becomes more valuable.. like I'd consider selling it right? heh.. wrong. Luckily the con was far away so I sat on the idea.. and eventually came to my senses and decided I really couldn't afford to blow that sort of money . (239.00 for the weekend.. but i could only go for the day)

So.. along comes this new advertisement for the same convention.. only this time it's added a guest. *groan* stomping feet* yelling: noooooooooo!*

So, who did they add you ask? JOHN RHYS DAVIES! Agggggggggh!! I've only followed this mans career for a long long long time! I loved him as Sallah in the Indiana Jones movies and loved his television show Sliders (1995-97)! There is just something about him.. besides the fact he's a good actor that is. It's a feeling like you already know that he's a nice man and someone you'd wish was your neighbor. He's one of those people I'd like to find out by meeting him if he's as nice a person as I believe him to be. When a chance comes along to be able to confirm your belief in someone.. it makes it hard not to take that opportunity.

So............. now i wanna go! aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

If i give in to temptation what will happen? Well.. I'd enjoy the day there that's for sure! I'd get 3 more autographs in that book which should raise the value considerably! And I'd get to meet JOHN RHYS DAVIES!!! Then as soon as it was all over I'd wait............ the the other shoe to fall. What will happen to make me sorry that I went? What will happen to make me feel guilty I blew the money? For as sure as I am sitting here writing this.. Something Will Happen.

I am, at the moment, deluding myself that I might actually go. But..I put the first "give me some time to think" blocks up. I sent an email to the convention to ask which day a person with that EXPENSIVE TICKET would get the autographs (since I know I can only attend one day, even though the ticket is for all 3 days). It's an excuse to make me wait and calm down, and hopefully change my mind and not send for the ticket.... because I KNOW I will regret it if I spend the money that i really shouldn't spend. (actually it would take me the two months to pay for the ticket since I am sooooo wealthy lol) It would also mean i'd be pretty hard up for cash for two months. But that isn't what would stop me, I've been there in that position more then not!

So... boy do i need help convincing myself NOT to do this!! I could think of many things that money could be used on a lot more wisely. I've just got to tell myself it's no big deal to get autographs... which it isn't!

So tell me... why do we give in to temptation?

And when we do.. why do we always have to regret it?


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