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Thursday, May 04, 2006

To Meme or not to Meme?

I was over reading Karen's journal (sorry, I really don't like the word blog.. it sounds like something the cat threw up!).. and she did this photo meme.. and she got it from Paisley Skys. I had seen it at a few others, and thought it was cute but I didn't know if I had all the things around here that it asked for:

One picture of something you made;
One picture of a gift someone gave you;
One picture of something strange;
One picture of something with a pig (Why a pig? Why not?)
One picture of something unique.

... then I remembered a photo I had taken at my apartment, when I lived in California. I dragged it out and began to smile. (loved my apartment).. in it I saw MOST of what the meme asked for! All in ONE photo!.. coool! I can do this!

I made the picture big so you could identify from the list..

Number one: (oh boy, that already doesn't sound right!) is : something you made. Ok.. see that "fence" in the middle of my apartment? Well I made it! (well.. I didn't saw down the tree and all.. but I had to do some cuts and then the stand for I made it dang it all!)

Number two: (no comment!) A picture of a gift someone gave to you. In this very same photo there are TWO gifts that were given to me. Please note: Dead Fred. Dead Fred was given to me by my friend Sue (the same one in the convention stories) She knows how I love "the old west/ cowboys/ indians etc" She also gave me the old spurs hanging on the fence pole! (isn't it great when a friend really listens over time and really knows something you would like?!!! Not many do that.. but Sue does.)

Number three: A picture of something strange. Is there really anyone who looked at the photo going to tell me that Dead Fred is normal around the house?.. I didn't think so! But if that isn't good enough how about the picture of Dr. McCoy all dressed up and acting like a cowboy?? (hmmm, he should have been in that movie "Space Cowboys"!! tsk tsk on the casting director! Oh.. that was probably Clint Eastwood. .. duh.. never mind)

Number Four: Something with a Pig. As you can see there is no Pig in the photo.. so I have to skip that one for now..

Number Five: Something Unique. Umm.. well.. I think Dead Fred wins that one too! That and the fact that I named him and the plant that was behind him... that's kinda unique too isn't it? (never mind)

I added this photo so you could see that indeed I did build a "Room Divider".. so there is no question that I did make it... But for those of you still not convinced that it meets the requirement of being "built".. here's another photo from my old apartment.. and YES I did BUILD the "coffee table"... so there! heh.

So.. after all of this I was still stuck on the "Pig" thing... I thought about taking a picture of the bacon in the fridge.. but nah.. and since this isn't my home, I even looked to see if David or my brother had something concerning a Pig!... (this was getting to be ridiculous!) And then the ol' pea brain kicked in!.. It's not "new" and it's not even mine lol.. but it is a PIG~ So you are just going to have to accept it!!

I am supposed to tag someone.. but I'll leave it open ended: anyone who wants to do this Meme: go for it!! and let me know so I can come and see what you did!


Blogger TJ said...

I absolutely love your blog!! And just how cool is that room divided, the photo...alll of it! I have much personality in your home.
I think this is exactly why blogging is so much fun...all the wonderful things we share.
Thanks for having me ..I will be back. Stop over sometime..
Great entry

7:54 PM  

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