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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Under the Knife...

Naomi, of Here in the Hills.. has yet another great post about how people are perceived by their looks. Beauty in the eye of the Beholder. In it she discusses a friend of hers and how "Hollywood" seems to be based on looks. (seems? heh)

The funny (not ha-ha funny) part of it is, that it's the whole of Los Angeles that has taken this to heart, not just the Movie Industry. It may even be an epidemic because it seems to have spread across the country like a wild-fire.

When I lived in the Valley, I can tell you with certainty that I was turned down for jobs that were not directly Industry related because of my age and looks, or rather lack of looks. I would send out resumes, get calls back, talk to the people who would indicate that I was perfect for the job, so come and fill out an application right away. I would go there and upon entering the office I could literally see their faces drop. For people so fond of the industry and acting, none of them could act very well.. their expressions gave them away. If any of them were living in the area trying to break into the "biz", as they call it, I could see why they hadn't been chosen.

Due to the lack of beauty, (most of which is taken from anyone as we age,) more and more people are having facial surgery. I think this is a crime. It may have begun as a minimal thing, and where I agree even I wouldn't mind a nip-tuck, that the doctors have gotten greedy. They set no boundaries.

Many surgeries, other than emergencies, try to set some of those boundaries.. "we try not to do that until it's absolutely necessary" or "not until you are past a certain age".. ahhhhhh, now that's the boundary facial surgery needs to have AND enforce! One should have to be past a certain age in order to have facial surgery. Admittedly, they will tell you up front, that a face lift may only last 5 yrs or 10 at best ..what they don't say is that at the end of that time you will most likely look worse then you did if you HADN'T had the surgery! So it becomes a cycle.. every so many years "fix it", until there is nothing more then can fix.

It can't go unnoticed how absolutely horrid these people look after years of this type of surgery. You no longer recognize them!

Why can't doctors care anymore? The greed is too great. Why can't they raise their standards and refuse to do face lifts until a person reaches a certain age? The greed is too great.

I've had a laugh or two discussing this with friends over the years, and even within the last year or two, when, having written my beloved Trilogy, I was chatting with a friend and I was saying how, when I write dialogue for the characters, I hear voices in my head of what they sound like. Re: Abbercorn (an old old man with powers) sounded like the dear Roy Dotrice. We went on to discuss this and my friend asked: who do you see playing the characters if it were a movie? This, of course playful banter of sorts, since my story isn't movie material, but, since I hear the voices it is sort of like I have Cast the characters. "I have great difficulty with one person", I told her. "And why is that?" she asked, "Well " I told her, "since the female is the main character, and a woman in her mid to upper 50's, whose life has been not kind to her and she wound up living on the streets. She wouldn't be a raving beauty. I can't think of one actress that is in her 50's that would actually LOOK like she is in her 50's!" We had a good laugh over it, but it was true... who would have thought a day would come that they would have to put on heavy duty makeup and more, just to look mid 50's??!! I realize there's not a whole lot of movie parts for older woman anymore, but it's come down to something I've always realized... no one really cares about the elderly... and the term elderly seems to get younger all the time.

Do I think no one should have facial surgery? Nooooo, I'd get a face-life in a heartbeat! haha..but then.. I'm 62, not 40 or even 50. But, I would really like to see the surgeons have more heart and less pocket money by setting an age limit to it. Making it so that someone getting facial surgery is really is of the age they could use it, and the chances are they wouldn't be repeating it again and again, until they no longer looked like the person they were.

Maybe it's because I'm old that I can look back to a time Hollywood embraced all actors and actresses, and looked at their talent and not just "another pretty face". I remember people I still admire today in movies, .. not every single actor or actress had to be a raving beauty,(though many were naturally beautiful) but they had some major talent backing them up, and most importantly, they didn't feel the need to change !

Beauty sure isn't everything... but you wouldn't know it the way things are going.

To read more on the subject be sure to check out Naomi's post.. and if you want to add your thoughts, please do and leave a link so I can read them!

To learn more of these people check out these links on IMDb..

Marjorie Main... Patsy Kelly... Jerry Colonna.. Margaret Rutheford..

Katharine Hepburn.. Angela Lansbury..

(all photo's taken off of the web)


Blogger Chris said...

Very interesting post on looks. Unfortunately, what you describe does happen. People make employment decisions and other social choices based on peoples' appearance.

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3:13 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

Great post, DesLily. Love the pictures--was anyone ever more beautiful than Katharine Hepburn? And Angela Lansbury was, and is, a knockout. I like what you say too about the character actors--there aren't many of this type in the movies anymore--where there is, they are either "bad guys" or "dumb" (and usually southerners)!

Thanks for your recent comment on my blog...

7:58 AM  
Anonymous julie said...

Now you know why I do audio theatre - I have the perfect body for radio! LOL!

Last year I did some work on a web site for a plastic surgeon. I saw so many sites while doing research that I pretty much got scared off of the idea! I would probably have reconstructive surgery if I needed it, but that's a different kettle of fish.

But I absolutely hate it when people make snap decisions based on looks.

12:03 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, I finally got here! I had one interuption after another today, so now that it is quiet I am able to read your blog in peace. As you know, I agree with you about all these surgeries, but I don't think they can legislate that. And in many cases it is not the doctor that is responsible for "selling" this stuff to's the people themselves being influenced by society and their own feelings of lack of self worth because they don't feel that they measure up to some ideal! A doctor who had integrity could possibly talk that person out of doing plastic surgery, but...I'm not even sure of that. All the 'nose jobs' that have been done because people didn't feel they were "beautiful" enough, or handsome enough, etc. And if you ask those people are they sorry they did that, very few would say that they were...(only people who had Botched Jobs would probably say that...)
I've gone on and on here...and there is just one other thing I want to say....those actresses who keep doing more and more and more till they are no longer even recognizable to themselves...Help Me Oh Nurse! Even if they look young....their eyes show 'age' and that is a very frighrening look to me. This manufactured young face, having removed all traces of who these people really are, coupled with these eyes that have lived...eyes that show age. THIS is scary looking. Sure I'd like to have stayed looking a certain way at a certain age, but I'm not about to have a knife remove who I am and what I have "lived" and not recognize the person in the mirror that is staring back at me. No way, no how. I've earned every line and evety wrinkle...I'm keeping them! (lol)

5:14 AM  

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