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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yes!.. no!.. maybe.. Yes!

Ok.. so... I am pretty well convinced I will go to the convention in July to add those autographs to the Lord of the Rings book. Yep.. thinking I will do that.

So how come I still know I will regret it?? You'd think that by age 62 I'd know better. That I know I'll regret it (always for a good reason) and yet I am going to go. You'd think at my age that I'd learn and when I make a choice.. then simply reverse it and do the opposite so that it would be the right decision.. because.. well.. if I do that it would still turn out to be the wrong decision and I'll still regret it!! ARRRGgaaahhhh!

Have you ever known anyone before that always seems to do the wrong thing? Make wrong choices? Well, if you haven't you have now! So prepare yourself, after I have a decent "high"... the low will follow sooner or later (generally sooner) and I don't mean the normal low of "aww the enjoyment is over".. that's always a given, sorta like saying goodbye.. something always sad about it being over. I'm talking about a real regret, not just a sadness.

However, at least I figure by putting it on my charge card I can start paying for it right away and hopefully have it paid for before I even go.. that's the good part. (I will be broke but happily for the next 3 months). I'll have my ticket and even a hotel overnight! (omg! no feeding cats! no hearing my name called! For sure I will think I have gone deaf! heh) It's a good thing that ticket INCLUDES getting the autographs, cause I sure won't have extra to spend lol.. I'll pack some peanutbutter sandwiches so I won't starve lol.

Sorta funny when I think about it.. years ago when I went to conventions with friends we shared a room which was a big part of the fun.. and we'd run around doing things so much that we'd forget to eat!! I remember one con I went to (go on a Friday return on a Monday) I lost 6 lbs! lol.. boy.. wish that would happen now! (like no waaaay!)

So.. now that this decision is made..err.. yeah.. it's made.. I get to anticipate which is nice. I always enjoy thinking of it "coming up".. but before that convention, which is the end of July, I have the Chiller Show (one day) in the beginning of June.

I am only going to that one to help Kevin McCarthy. ( If you are a Steven Seagal fan you'd be thrilled, he'll be there.) Maybe someone else I like or know will come before it happens, but it doesn't matter because I will be busy with Kevin anyway.. he's such a joy to talk to. It's so hard to believe he is 92!! I mean, well.. yeah he doesn't look young.. but his voice is strong and his laughter is strong so he seems much younger then he may look. Ohhhh, by the way.. have any of you "readers" read any of his sister's work?

Mary McCarthy. (Her debut novel, The Company She Keeps received critical acclaim as a succéss-de-scandale, depicting the social milieu of New York intellectuals of the late 1930s with unreserved frankness. After building a reputation as a satirist and critic, McCarthy enjoyed popular success when her 1963 novel The Group remained on the New York Times Best Seller List for almost two years. Her work is noted for its precise prose and its complex mixture of autobiography and fiction.)


Blogger Astaryth said...

I'm glad you are going.... We have to just bite the bullet and do some things just cause we will enjoy it, otherwise life is pretty dull. I think you should try to go all 3 days if you can!

11:52 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

Curious, did my post about my trip to Midtown Plaza to get Amel Larrieux's new CD, prompt you to write this post. I rmemember you saying something about always making the wrong decisions in the reply email you sent me.

Anyways, I make the wrong decisions often too. For instance, the playstation 3 is coming out this year, and I have decided that I am going to buy it. I bought the playstation 2 when it came out on its debut. It was $299, and with tax it totalled $323.99 when I reserved and purchased it. I put downpayments on it and everything. It broke a couple of years ago, and I went and purchased another one, a newer version of it that was about $149.00. So much more cheaper, I would have save so much more money if I had waited a couple of years, but i'm impatient and I want things now, so I am gonna waste money on the PS3. I never seem to learn my lesson when it comes to money and budgeting.

12:08 PM  
Blogger TJ said...

ahhh hey we all have choices.
Some timetimes haeds sometimes tails...I get lots of tails! LOL

7:57 PM  

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