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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

All I have to do is Dream...

Carly did a meme the other day and one of the questions she answered sorta struck me. It was to name your dream vacation.

For as long as I can remember, I had two dreams of places I'd like to visit (for more then a day). One was to visit the Grand Canyon, the area around it and the Supai Indians.

(Mooney Canyon)

(Mooney Falls)

The other was to take a camera safari in Africa..........

Now that I am old I doubt either one of those dreams will ever come true. With low back pain at all times I think the "rough traveling" days are long gone. They must be, because I rarely, if ever, think of these places anymore. One could always dream and hope, but when hope goes out the window, it's time to close it. But oh... what wonderful dreams they were!

For now.. the only traveling I do is in the recesses of my mind in Kesterwood Forest.

Either or both would have been more then wonderful though.. and if anyone is interested in either i located a few web sites that might be of interest..

Grand Canyon/ Havasu...

African Safari...

(above photos are taken from websites)


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