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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Writer's Weekly Question

Have you ever created a character based on someone you know? Was it because you liked the person, or disliked the person? How was the character different or like the person you based him or her on?

Jess hit another one of those questions that I can relate to... (meaning, I've only written for myself, and nothing headed for publishing.. but it still allows me to respond)

The quick answer is "yes".... and I'm guessing nearly everyone who has written anything has. In the process of creating a character it's only natural to envision them and to hear their voice in your head. So right off the bat you've chosen someone to "play the part" and maybe another "who has the right voice". (can we all say James Earl Jones? heh)

Here are some examples from my Kesterwood stories....

When I made Abbercorn: I had the face and voice down to one person, Roy Dotrice. And his personality, that of a man of peace, gentle and caring. The drawing was one version as I saw him... the photo of Roy would be closer to the real look.

Another is a character I named Hetford. "The Wolf Man".. Hetford lived in the forests with wolves. Alone most of the time, but became a good friend of Abbercorn's. Again, I will put a drawing I did of what I thought Hetford would look like, but in reality I found the perfect actor that would both look and sound like what I imagined. His name is Blake Gibbons. (some might recognize him from the General Hospital).

A minor character I have in book one is the cook/ owner of Buggtussel's Inn.. He was easy to find who he looked and sounded like!! Though I didn't do a drawing of him, he would look and sound much like Dom DeLouise!

As for the character of the character... (ok, ok.. the moral fiber of the character).. even there I have used some people I know well and even myself. You need to do this so you know not just what they look like and sound like, but to know how they would respond to things happening around them. You have to know your characters in order to write their "words", and to see their actions. I can't imagine anyone NOT framing their newly made characters around people they know or admire.

If you'd like to join in and respond to The Writers Question, be sure to click the link and leave your own link with Jess.


Blogger Bill, the Wildcat said...

That's pretty cool. I've had this happen in my writing, too. I had a CIA molehunter as a minor player in a book, and even though he looked nothing like him, I couldn't get the personality of Tommmy Lee Jones in "The Fugitive" and "U.S. Marshalls" out of my head.

Always fun to take what you've written and cast the movie version. hehe

8:39 AM  

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