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Friday, July 21, 2006

Haley, and then some movies..

I became sad yesterday when I heard on the news that Haley Joel Osment was in a car accident. So I went looking for an article to see if he was ok from it, and it seems he will be... thankfully.

I really enjoy this young mans performances and would hated to see it come to an end in such a way.

Of course his most popular movie was when he was very young.. The Sixth Sense, where he "saw dead people". It also starred Bruce Willis, they were both great in it.

He was also terrific in Artificial Intelligence: AI, where he was a "robotic child" who wanted to become real. (a futuristic Pinnochio). And a movie called "Pay It Forward" with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt, which was about doing something good for someone but having them pay it forward to three more people, and those three people each had to pay forward to three more, and on and on.. great premise for a story.

Another I enjoyed but "bombed at the box office" is Secondhand Lions. He played with some "bigwigs" in that one! Robert Duvall and Michael Caine. It also had Kyra Sedgwick in it.. (I love her t.v. series: The Closer, thank you very much!)

Well, until that news came out about Haley Joel I was going to talk about movies but not in this way.

Not long ago I discovered yet another journal to keep up with (*groan*)sometimes it gets really hard to read them all, let alone find a new one you like! Anyway his journal is called The Dragon:050376 and he wrote a post about men crying at a movie or television show. Of course I had to leave a comment ..not that I am a man.. but there are some movies, that no matter how often I see them, I still cry at them. (sap) I am not sure what it is, and it's probably more than just one reason a person cries when they find their self deeply involved in a movie or show that makes them cry.

For instance, let's take Oprah.. she hasn't done it lately, but when she does her "dreams come true" programs, I wind up bawling my eyes out the entire show. There's just something about someone having a dream come true that really gets to me. I think partly it's envy (sigh, wish that were me) but mostly, it's the old.. "well, it's not me, but dreams CAN come true dammit!" I think it leaves me with renewed hope, that has all but gone long, long ago.

The perfect movie to go with this particular thought is RUDY. Gosh, if anyone out there hasn't seen it..find it! Watch it! If you don't get emotional over it I will be surprised! There are key spots in the movie where I can guarantee the tears will start to flow for me.. and i've seen the movie dozens of times. Yet I still cry! (and yet I can't NOT watch it!! )

Another movie that there is a key place in it to break me down is : Cry the Beloved Country. In this movie James Earl Jones does what he does best which is quality acting. Many may recognize the name of the movie from the book of the same name. This movie is a bit of history of South Africa in the 1940's. Basically, its the story of a black preacher and his family and a wealthy white man and his family. Without telling the whole story there's a scene in the movie where James Earl "unexpectedly" meets up with Richard Harris. He is so overwhelmed with emotion over what he knows has occurred that he nearly passes out.. the scene is so well done that after many times seeing this movie I finally had to ask someone else to watch it and tell me what is said during the scene because i am bawling my eyes out so hard!.. gosh, but I love James Earl Jones!!! (that's one autographed photo I would dearly love to have!!)

So, anyway.. it got me to wondering... are there any movies that you cry at?? Tell me the name of the movie or show in comments .. oh and by the way, I sure don't think it takes anything "manly" away from a guy who can get emotional over a movie.. it just means that the actors and story are so good that it really got you involved in it.


Blogger Kiyotoe said...

Thanks for the "shout out" DesLily. Anyway, Little Osment is a favorite of mine also. I enjoy the kids that really have talent and don't just get by because they're cute little kids. Him and Dakota Fanning come to mind. Glad he'll be alright, time for him to make a new film, right.

Also, I never mentioned one of my all time favorite movies, Legends Of The Fall has a tearjerker scene for me. I'm not going to give it away in case you rent it, I want it to sneak up on you, but it involves Brad Pitt and tear gas. Gets me everytime.

5:56 PM  

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