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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Storms are over.. for now..

Yesterday was sure nerve-wracking! Storms kept coming thru carrying a lot of lightening and the threat of high winds like we had when parts of the trees came down on us. My stomach churned and I had to keep the computer shut down for most of the day and evening.

We got lucky though.. the high winds stayed North of us. One town wasn't so lucky and a water spout turned into a small tornado! How weird can the weather get here?! Geez.. it seems "tornado alley" has had the fewest tornados ever this year (don't get me wrong.. I am more then happy for them! Not sure how they can live there and go thru that every year!) and the East coast gets hit with a very rare tornado... somethin's not right Lucy. Is it me, or is "nature's fury" being more furious the past few years?

Ah well.. for the next few days it's over.. then more lightening storms are predicted... sigh. So.. on to another topic.. one that makes me feel better! Yeah that's the ticket!.......


Well, I seem to have this drool slipping out of the corner of my mouth! The reason for this is: I looked once again at the Birthday list on my blog and saw that it's Harrison Ford's Birthday! (hold on while I get my drool bucket.. whew got it!) Harrison is one of a very few that can get this old heart movin' pretty fast!

So.. now that "da hunk" is 64, what about Indiana Jones?? Well.. It's in post-production for a 2008 release. Unfortunately on IMDb it still only lists Harrison's name.. I am waiting to see Sean Connery's name added to the list! And what would an Indy movie be without Sallah? (John Rhys Davies)

Indian Jones 4... post production (2008)
Directed by
Steven Spielberg

Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
David Koepp screenplay
George Lucas characters
George Lucas story
Jeff Nathanson story

Cast (in credits order)
Harrison Ford .... Indiana Jones

Produced by
George Lucas .... executive producer
Frank Marshall .... producer

Original Music by
John Williams

His father was Irish, his mother Russian-Jewish. He was a lackluster student at Maine Township High School East in Park Ridge Illinois (no athletic star, never above a C average). After dropping out of Ripon College in Wisconsin, where he did some acting and later summer stock, he signed a Hollywood contract with Columbia and later Universal. His roles in movies and TV ("Ironside" (1967), "The Virginian" (1962)) remained secondary and, discouraged, he turned to a career in professional carpentry. He came back big four years later, however, as Bob Falfa in American Graffiti (1973). Four years after that he hit colossal with the role of Han Solo in Star Wars (1977). Another four years and Ford was (words fail) Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Still another four years and he received Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for his role as John Book in Witness (1985). All he managed four years after that was his third starring success as Indiana Jones; in fact, many of his earlier successful roles led to sequels as did his more recent portrayal of Jack Ryan in Patriot Games (1992). Another Golden Globe nomination came his way for the part of Dr. Richard Kimble in The Fugitive (1993). He is clearly a well- established Hollywood superstar. He also maintains an 800-acre ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Of all the movies Harrison has made there is one that always seems to be listed as a real bomb. Mosquito Coast. Actually, I always liked the movie.. go figure huh?! Then I find out that Harrison lists this as one of his all time favorite movies he made! (come to mama baby! lol) If you know of this movie, I'd like to hear what your thoughts were on it. Did you know that a young River Phoenix played his son in that movie? Which led to Harrison asking for River to play the "young Indy".

(come on ladies.. tell me you wouldn't follow him into a jungle! heh.. I know I would! lol)

All I know now is... I hope they get going on that next Indiana Jones movie! Even if he is named after the dog... I wanna see Indy again! Yes, he'll be a much older Indy... but if Sean Connery can keep playing action hero's well into his 70's... then Harrison has my vote that he can pull off another Indy movie while in his 60's!!

Oh and by the way.. I realize a few of his more recent movies are considered "bombs"(box office only) .. but.. sorry, in my book, there isn't a movie he makes that I know I won't see more then once!!

Anyone else out there a Ford Fan?? Will you go see another Indiana Jones Movie when it's release?.. or do you just feel he's too old for the part?


Blogger Kiyotoe said...

I am ahuge Indiana Jones/Harrison Ford fan, although i must admit, i haven't paid to see one of his recent movies in a while. I can't wait for the new Indiana Jones to come out. I have fond memories of me and my parents at the movies watching him crack that whip or lose his hat.

To this day one of my favorite action scenes is in Raiders of the Lost Ark when he slides under the moving truck from the front to the back.

Whew!! loved it. I was a fan of River Phoenix also. Have you ever seen "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon"? Funny movie.

4:36 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

Glad the weather's getting better. Isn't there a heat wave going on right now, too?

I dig the picture of H.F. in Mosquito Coast. Haven't seen the movie, but that's one great photo.

Of the two actors, I like Sean Connery way more than Ford, but they both stand up pretty well, don't they?


Hope you're well DesLily!

12:08 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

What, no pictures of American Graffiti? ha ha

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5:40 PM  

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