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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Waiting again..

Here I am, once again waiting for thunderstorms to roll in. sigh. I cannot tell you how tired I am of the lightening and thunder. Lightening has always scared me to a degree, and since the last happening of the branches coming down and taking the wires to the electrical poles with it... I am even more nervous. I can't ever remember this many storms all the other years I lived in New Jersey. We've had so many this year that even when they show a nice weekend ahead I can't enjoy it because during the "7 day" that they show there has always been more "lightening bolts" shown then sunshine! .. sigh.. Give me rain without the bad wind and lightening anytime!... now would be nice! (ok got that off my chest)

As most know I have 2 journals. I keep on on AOL and one on Blogspot (they are mirror copies of each other) In my blogspot journal I was able to put in a script from the web that lists 5 birthdays on each day that appears.. also 5 historical events that occur on the particular date we are on. (which I found at Patrick's journal and enjoyed so i followed the link and added it to my site!)

Yesterday I found two of them for today quite interesting... one was about the Spacelab:

1979 U.S. Skylab enters atmosphere over Australia and disintegrates

I remember this happening and found it hard to believe it was that long ago!

The other item might interest the men who read my journal:

1981 Neva Rockefeller is 1st woman ordered to pay her husband alimony

See there guys... nothing is impossible! lol.

I'll leave you with the latest photo's from the yard..

The bird pictures are not the best but I was really far away for reasons of not wanting to scare the bird .. for me to get "good" shots I would have needed my Canon and zoom lens.. and gosh knows how long before i'd develop them.. heh, so it's the best i could do.

(below: the first Tiger Lily blooming.. ..)


Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

You're going to a Lord of the Rings convention? How did I miss hearing about this? What happens at these DesLily?! Oh, I can't wait for a full update! Love LOTR!

10:54 AM  

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