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Saturday, August 26, 2006

December 5, 1991

December 5th, 1991... that's the date that the stars of the Original Star Trek series were cemented at (Graumans) Mann's Chinese Theater.

If you are ever in the Los Angeles area, or more specifically Hollywood, the old Graumans (now called Mann's) Chinese Theater is one of the stops you should make on your list of "to see". Besides it being a simply beautiful piece of History... there's always the many star signatures and handprints in the front of the theater.

Although I had walked past Mann's more times then I can even remember, On December 5th, 1991 I was going to stick around to see a special, special ceremony.

Naomi over at Here In The Hills, recently did a post about Mann's Chinese Theater and it reminded me of the day the Crew of the Star ship Enterprise gathered to be added to the other Famous Stars in front of the Theater in cement.

What an absolutely fabulous day it was for everyone concerned and for the fans that had gathered to witness the ceremony. I was there for De, of course, but the fact that ALL the original Star Trek crew were having this honor was way up there with it doesn't get better then this for feelings.

Paramount made sure the timing for the event would boost the excitement of their latest Star Trek Movie, The Undiscovered Country. Not that the true fans of the Original Series actually needed any extra reason to gather and cheer on their favorite show and actors... but we were sure glad they did!

Johnny Grant (the Honorary Mayor of Hollywood) presided over the event.

There was a really large showing of fans to see Bill, Leonard, De, Walter, George, Jimmy and Nichelle all together. The crowd roared their approval as Johnny Grant attempted to introduce them. (like we didn't know who they were.. yeahrightsure!)

They posed for the press to get pictures before getting down to the business of actually signing and putting their hand prints in cement.

As you can see they were all excited and in good moods. The fans were being like .. well, like Star Trek Fans are!

Bill Shatner and Leonard Nimoy were the first to sign and put in their hand prints. Then came De...........

Take note of Walter, George and Jimmy behind De... they were noticing something De was not... and got the giggles.

Then some of the people in charge took a good look...

By now Walter can no longer contain himself! And Nichelle is checking out what the laughter is about.

It seems De was having trouble writing in cement with the "pencil" given to him and didn't notice that he left the "s" out of "DeForest"..heh.. When he was told he got up on his knees and laughed with everyone else! While the others applauded he squeezed the "S" into his name.

After De managed to incorrectly spell his name, Walter and Jimmy wrote very slowly and even spelled their names as they wrote!

After they all were made "immortal" they posed for more press photographs...

Then they discussed among their selves that they wanted to pose in front of the HUGE picture that Mann's had put up for the occasion for the fans to be able to take more pictures.

After waving and blowing kisses to the fans they headed over to the gigantic poster ...

They all stood in front of their character photo's except for Bill and Leonard, who thought it was funny to change places.

The following week I went back and took a photo of the signatures.. you can see where De squeezed the s into his name ... the square spot was saved for a brass plate that was put in later. (see photo below)

It was a spectacular day... Sue Keenan was with me, along with other close fans of De's and members of his club. Which might be why my photo's tend to center De..heh.. but I was more then happy for all of them! And we still had the movie to look forward to!

The Star Trek fascination went on thru other Treks and finally came to an end with the cancellation of "Enterprise". It's the first time in 40 years that some form of Star Trek is no longer being made.

Is this really the end?

Or will yet another generation become enthralled with it as we did and make it live again?


Blogger Kiyotoe said...

You know, I wonder if my "Pops" knows that this is there? He's a trekkie to the core (but not the dress up and go to the convention sort). But all the times I've been to California to visit and even on Hollywood Blvd., we've never stopped by to see this. Come to think of it, I've never even been on that side of the street. For some reason we're always on the other side. We even eat at that restaraunt directly across the street from Mann's all the time.

Wow, that's crazy. I'll have to ask him about that. Thanks De (short for Deslily of course).

9:57 AM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I wouldn't be surprised if some NEW "Star Trek TV thingy came to pass! It is such a Franchise....and as you know, a BIG money maker!

7:08 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Star Trek: W Strikes Back?

Did you catch the Shatner roast? I was hysterical!

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11:28 PM  

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