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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Few Old Friends...

Things have been a bit chaotic lately at the house here. My brother is still in the hospital and about to be transferred to a rehab place for some therapy to see if they can get him doing some small amount of standing and be able to get to the wheelchair so we can get him to his monthly doctor visits. And I have to say I hate the nightly visits to hospitals or to the rehab place. By the time we get home all I do is go to bed. It's not that I am overactive but I guess the mental stress of it all.. I stay tired and my mind feels like a complete void to write. (or to remember anything!)

Anyway, I was searching for a photo for my girlfriend Annie, which I never did find, but where I thought it was I cam across a few old pictures of my own. The two I will post here are both about 8 yrs old. (If you know anyone ..especially their 60's then you know big changes occur in your looks and body during those years!!) But I'll post them anyway..

The first one I found is of Ruth Buzzi when I met her in California during an autograph show. I couldn't believe that she came dressed as the old lady in the part that she played in Laugh-in. Her name was Gladys, the old man would ask her "Want a Walnetto?" and she'd smack him with her purse, and the old man would fall over on the ground, then she'd get up and walk away.

One of her famous lines became one I use a lot ..heh..

"I tried to join the sexual revolution,.... but I flunked the test."

She was hysterical! By the way, the man behind us... is Gordon Scott. He played Tarzan during the 1960's. One day I'll do a post about him. We were friendly, even went out once or twice, very nice man.

The second photo I found is of my friend Dorothy DeBorba. Dorothy was a child actress. She was in the "original" Little Rascal" Movies, before they became known as "Our Gang" for television.

The man with us is Frank Stallone. (which is why he looks familiar..he looks like his brother Sylvester Stallone! But, to me he's better looking, and really a nice guy. Not to say Sly isn't nice, I wouldn't know lol.. I never met him!)

Here's a photo of Dorothy, back when she was in The Little Rascals.

I found 2 photo's of my Pookey Kitty who died 7 yrs ago that are really cute.. but I'll save those and post them on Feline Friday.


Blogger Kiyotoe said...

I used to love the Little Rascals. I remember them showing the repeats everyday after school somewhere around the uhhhh.......3rd grade? I know i was just a wee-Dragon back then.

5:26 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

She actually wore the costume there. That is so cool. How did you get her to to do that pose?

2:15 PM  

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