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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Two for the price of one..

Ok, well... I want to cover to topics..

The first is the celebration of the birth of Gene Kelly. A really phenomenal dancer, singer, actor. (he also directed and produced). Today would be his Birthday.

Gene Kelly entered my life when I was really young. (here's where you ask: "how young were you?") I was so young that the only phonograph we had in hour home was one that you cranked!! Yep, I'm that old.. and I've never denied it!

One day my mother brought me a record.. a 78rpm! The cover on this record showed the photo below.. and contained a picture book to go along with it. (ohhhhh how I wish I had that now!)

(my introduction to Gene Kelly)

This song came from one of his movies: Anchors Aweigh (1945)

Just a very few of his more famous movies were:

The Three Musketeers (1948) .... D'Artagnan
An American in Paris (1951) .... Jerry Mulligan
Singin' in the Rain (1952) .... Don Lockwood

Besides his acting and dancing abilities this man had one of those voices know.. SEXY! heh.. If you've not seen his movies, I can promise you he's worth the look-see!


The second topic is not so joyous... in fact... it's a mini rant!


Anyone been in one? And your thoughts on the nursing staff in said hospital is?

Mine is not good! When I was infor a small surgery, the medicine I took made me very ill, very sweaty, and feeling as if I was going to pass out. I rang for a nurse. Told her I thought I was about to pass out and on that note grabbed "A GARBAGE CAN" to be sick in. The nurse made no attempt at getting me something "clean" to vomit in and calmly walked out the door saying "call me when you are done".. hello?.. you there! and when i pass out and fall onto the floor? what then? leave me?... she came back about 20 minutes later. I hadn't fallen off the bed but that was sheer luck... it was time for the second dose of the same medicine. "are you ready for the second dose?"... "ummm no thanks, I'll pass". No need to hope the second time I'd actually also pass out.

Now.. last night.. my brother is in the hospital. David and I went to see him... the power was off! Oh.. not in the nurses stations.. but in ALL the rooms filled with sick people.. no air.. no fans.. no buttons to call a nurse, and no one checking periodically to see if they needed something more then normal because nothing was working!..

David and I wet alot of paper towels and put them on the head of the patients in my brothers room ( 3 others and my brother).. then my brother needed a bed pan. (this because he can't stand to get on a potty) David goes to the nurses station and says to them, "we need a bed pan in 392 immediately"... he walks back.. we wait.. and wait.. she finally STROLLS down the hall, looks under one thing in the hall, no pan... walks to the room.. "you need a bed pan now?"... umm, well a tad late nurse! She walks out, I am in the hall, she says: "he started to go, i'll let him finish and change the bedding"... how degrading! How degrading when if you did what we asked he wouldn't have to go thru that! She comes back later and cleans him and changes the bedding. Puts a "diaper" on him... We re wet the rags for the other man and put them on their foreheads...

Time for us to leave.. still no lights or fans.. the nurses are changing shifts and the night nurse comes in. We tell her it would be best to leave a bed pan near my brother since he can't stand... she looks at him.. "well he has a diaper on, that's all he needs"...

And for this we pay thousands of dollars for a hospital visit!! What's wrong with this picture?...


Blogger Charles said...

I'm guessing, they either don't like there jobs, or they don't see that this situation can be in there future. This reminds me of Chris' post about paying it forward. Someday they are going to need help, and someday someone is going to do the same thing that they did to these patients. How could they be so uncaring.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

I try to stay out of hospitals....those places will make you sick!

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8:49 PM  

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