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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Animating a Dragon..

Naomi wanted to know how I animated the dragon from my last post.. well.. I'm sure I don't do it correctly, or even very well, but then being self taught isn't the way to go if you really want to be good at something...

Here is a brief description of how I animated the dragon from my previous post below:

picture 1... original picture as a jpg (save as and name it: dragon) each frame you make name it differently from the first so that you don't "replace" a frame. Easiest to do is once you name the original frame.. in this case "dragon".. then when you make changes on this photo you name it dragon1, then dragon 2. This also helps keep your frames bunched together so that when you go to look for them later to take into animation shop.

picture 2.. (zoom picture for ease of outlining) outline the finger you want to move. Then rotate it x amount of degrees. until it appears at the angle you want it Sharpen the rotated finger and move it in position. Then I use the clone tool and clone out the "original finger"(save as jpg and name Dragon1)

picture 3.. Using original picture (picture 1) I click to use the warping tool to raise the back. Since his back muscles are covered by "spikes" from his head this is repeated a number of times "in between" each spike. (save as jpg and name dragon2)

thus making 3 individual pictures ("frames") from one.

I then take them into animation shop (via: animation wizard) and add the frames together to make one "animated gif". In animation shop I can set the timing for it to go as fast as slow as I want.

This is a simple animation needing only 3 frames.... two others that I will use later in my journal, took 8 and 9 frames to animate. Of course it's all quite time consuming and done very rough, not like in a movie that would take many many many frames to get it to move smoothly. I don't have the greatest of paint programs either, but then again you'd have to take lessons from a teacher to learn some of them! So I hunt and peck and test little things until I get what I want lol. I'll leave the complicated (and mega expensive) programs to the professionals!

Have a fang-tastic night.


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