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Sunday, October 22, 2006

X-Disney Artist

Karen over at Outpost Mavarin talks a lot about Disney and today, being no exception, for some reason she struck a note with me and I decided to talk a particular Artist that I know, named Ron Dias, who was a Disney Artist. (thus the connection Karen made for me with Disney. Why today and not other days? Beats me!)

I first met Ron Dias, at one of those autograph shows I go to. This one was in California, when I lived in the Valley. I began going to the shows to get out a bit and slowly but surely wound up volunteering to help some of the guests. One day I found myself helping Jonathan Harris (Lost in Space) and sitting next to Ron Dias. It wasn't long before we all began chatting (in between autograph sales) and laughing a lot. So,it wound up that by the time the second day had passed, I purchased a copy of a sketch Ron did, which he signed to me.

As I left I asked him if he was going to do another show here (Hollywood Collectors Show) and he said he'd look for me at the next show in 3 months time.

Well, three months went by and sure enough Ron was at the show again. This time we had lunch together with his friend Howard (who constantly cracked me up). From there we exchanged phone numbers and kept in contact for some time to come.

He did a few more of the autograph shows which gave us time to get to know each other, and on one visit I got invited to dinner, which I guess sealed the friendship. Since I moved out of California and back to Jersey we call probably only once a year to catch up, I think I need to try to call him today.. it's been too long since we've spoken.

Ron began his animation career with Disney Studios in 1956, where his first job was working on Sleeping Beauty.

I don't want to bore anyone that's not interested in Animation Art, so here is a link to a really fine biography of Ron's work, I think you will find it very interesting to read all he's done. ( Plus it has samples of some of his Disney work.)

Now a days Ron still paints and sells his paintings, but he can't sell anything to do with Disney. Still, his work is so fantastic that it's hard to believe.


For now I am off to watch a movie that I enjoy each time it comes on.. Sense and Sensibility. It's a period piece and is contains two love stories. I'm not generally the love story kind but this is one of the better movies on the subject. One of the stars is Alan Rickman. He seems to be most noted for his villainous roles such as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies or as the awful Sheriff of Notingham in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. He was a fun "alien" in Galaxy Quest and another "sweetheart" (not) in Quigley Down Under. A truly excellent actor who I enjoy in all his roles, but in Sense and Sensibility.. I could fall for this guy! sheesh! (I won't mention our own Hugh Laurie ("House") has a small part in the movie.


Blogger Bibi said...

Fantastic images. I checked his site and he's worked on some of my very favorite movies. Thanks for sharing this!

8:52 PM  
Blogger Barb said...

Rickman was also the leader of the bad guys in the first Die Hard movie =)

Nice to see you posting again, and such a nice post to boot! Maybe next time you could post about the other autographs you've gotten!!!

11:05 PM  
Anonymous julie said...

Ah, Sense and Sensibility! I do love that film.

6:38 PM  

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