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Saturday, December 16, 2006

And so....

Melli, over at Insanity Prevails used my blue Christmas tree story to tell one of her own. (pretty funny.. you should go and check it out if you want a good read)

While she told of her own Christmas past, she mentioned her first apartment and the furniture, or lack of, when she first went on her own. This prompted me to go in search of a photo I knew I had!

You see.. my first apartment wasn't when I was a teenager... I was in my 50's! The only time I ever lived alone... and i will say, I loved having my own space! But even at the ripe old age (how I wish i was that age now!) of 50 something, it doesn't mean I had anything to start an apartment with!

Indeed, I did not! But somehow it didn't matter... and as I look back at this particular photo.. it makes me smile! So here it is.. in all it's glory.. my first apartment!

Class act huh? LOL LOL!

It was some time until it looked like the photo below, which is the same corner as the first shot. Amazing what furniture does! I made the coffee table and the corner table myself. (still not a class act lol) And the sheets on the sofa and love seat? Oh.. well .. my cat Pookey was black and white. Though I couldn't see the white hairs she shed on the sofa I COULD see the black! So since I was the only one there anyway, it was easier to wash some extra sheets. Yep...I'm a real class act! LOL

I have to say, I loved that apartment. The only thing it lacked is the same that most apartments lack.. storage space. It was on Coldwater Canyon Ave in Sherman Oaks CA. "The Valley" My one and only time living alone.. I sure miss it.


Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm glad you found those pictures...It is amazing the difference once you had the sofa and love seat....but your apartment doesn't look cluttered, at looks neat and clean....(Sheets and all! lol)

12:46 PM  
Blogger Melli said...

LOL! Hey! At least you had a place for a friend to sit -- and something to put a drink on!!! Actually... I forgot to MENTION my cardboard box end tables! Your apartment turned out LOVELY though! And I love the fence for holding your saddle... Krysti needs one of those! That's a GREAT idea!

6:44 AM  
Blogger Carly said...


We have all had those times. I remember when we first moved to where we are now, it was completely empty for months. LOL. Now, I have WAYYYYYY too much stuff! You sure decorated your place lovely. :)

6:50 AM  

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