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Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Paramount moment...

I know most who have read my journal for some time now, know that I am a fantasy fan and also love science fiction movies...

My longer readers also know of my friendship with "Dr. McCoy", DeForest Kelley. And I know I mentioned another man who I regard highly, Mr. A. C . Lyles, who has worked for Paramount for over 70 years. One of his many jobs for Paramount was as a producer of B westerns (many of which DeForest was in) and then as a Hollywood liaison for Paramount and even other studios.

Because I knowing these very fine gentlemen, I had only to ask for a pass on to the Paramount lots and I had it. So, every so often I would call A.C. and say that I hadn't seen him in a while and did he want a visit, and before I knew it my girlfriend and I would be sitting in A.C.'s office being flirted at by one of the nicest men you'd ever want to meet.

On occasion DeForest would mention something like, wouldn't I like to see the new Enterprise set they were building for one of the movies, and again the pass would be there when we'd drive up to the Paramount gates.

You would drive in the right side, and when you left it would be through the left side. What I wish I could have found a photo of (although as a guest at Paramount you were not allowed to take photos) is a shot showing that if you drove straight in what you came to was a large downward slope with a huge wall at the end of it. (sometimes used for parking) What they did with this large "indentation" was to fill it with water for scenes that required, let's say a ship in a storm, and the back wall would be like a "green screen" to be put in later. (Harrison Ford swam in that man made ocean! woohoo)

One might be disappointed when most of what you saw when you went on the lot was like the above picture.. sound stages. But behind those doors lay the stuff dreams are made of.... errr, I mean the stuff movies are made of.

Did I ever mention that I was on the bridge of the original Enterprise?

I stood about where O'hura is sitting in the diagram... at the time it was a "new bridge" that was being made for one of the Star Trek Movies.(not the tv series, those had been destroyed years before)

And at another time I also visited the bridge on the Enterprise of The Next Generation?

On the Next Generation sets I actually walked all around the bridge, and into sick bay.. alas, McCoy was no where to be found. (Neither was Robert Picardo.. darn!)

I wandered through some corridor's from the Next Gen series, remembering when Data and McCoy walked down this same corridor, when McCoy was the 137 yr old Admiral.

.. and I walked the walk thru the neck and onto the bridge of a Bird of Prey.

Now that was strange! They had metal grates in the neck leading to the bridge which made clanking noises. I'm sure, in this manner, the Klingons "heavy boots" took over for effect.

One thing I didn't see in the Bird of Prey was my all time favorite Klingon.. Christopher Plummer.. double darn! What a great idea to have a Klingon spouting literature!! Oh he was a meanie alright, but I could never forget who was under all that makeup, and I love Christopher Pummer!

I've had other visits to the Paramount lots when I'd just visit A.C. and then "do lunch", and maybe a little shopping in their store. ( I still have one sweat suit that has the Paramount insignia on it.) Or visit another friend, Jackie, who was Patrick Stewart's right hand man.

Once when I was there to do lunch with Jackie, Patrick walked in. (i could see why she enjoyed working for him.. a real sweetheart) She had to run an errand for Patrick and asked me to wait. I told her I'd wait outside (it was a gorgeous day) While sitting on a step "lunch" must have been called in one of the stages. Out walked Klingons and aliens of all sort... I sat surrounded by all sorts of aliens and smiled to myself wishing I could take pictures of a most unusual encounter of the first kind!

(photo's used in this post were all obtained on the web)


Blogger Pamela said...

I've watched alot of star trek.
Not as much movies as series

4:24 PM  
Blogger SQT said...

Very cool. I worked for Paramount actually, but I worked at Hollywood Center Studios, not on the Paramount lot. Our claim to fame was that the original I Love Lucy was filmed there and the old George and Gracie Allen show.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Karmyn R said...

That is so neat! What a lucky set of friends to have!!!

8:06 PM  
Blogger Melli said...

It really IS sad that you weren't allowed to take pictures! You have fabulous memories -- but pictures are always a plus! (I mean for YOU -- not for your posts...) (although pics for posts are nice too! LOL!)

10:05 PM  

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