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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Toon Time..

I was reading Stewart's blog, The House of Sternberg, and he did a post about cartoons. He mentioned a few that were favorites of mine when I was young. I guess the fact that I no longer read newspapers may have something to do with the fact that I don't see many cartoons anymore. (ya think?!)

Anyway besides reminding me of a few of my old favorites, it brought to mind one in particular that I just found hysterical. It was called "Snake" and drawn by an Australian man who used the name Sols.

Poor Snake.. he was a looser no matter what. From wrong decisions to the fact he had no hands or legs or even a "neck"!

After reading Stewart's blog I went in search of Snake. I remember searching for him a long time ago and found virtually nothing! This time I did find a website by the man who draws Snake!!! I was thrilled! I found out his real name is Allan Salisbury.

I also found just a few of his cartoons on Snake at his site. I will post them here for your enjoyment...




There was just one more on the site... and it's for Stewart, since he is a teacher he may appreciate this one more then any of us..

Snakes expressions were priceless! He was such a looser you had to feel sorry for him, and I don't even like snakes!

I hope you enjoy the few cartoons that I managed to find...

'Till the next time....


Blogger ian said...

Hey Deslily,

I do a daily webcomic if you're interested. The Adventures of the S-Team.


1:18 AM  

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