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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Weekend Assignment #146

John Scalazi has posted his weekend assignment for this week...

Weekend Assignment #146: New York -- America's largest and most important city. What are your thoughts about it? We're not all from New York, of course, but the city looms large in our collective consciousness. It's that whole "if you can make it there" thing. So share some of your thoughts about New York, whether it's an opinion about the city, a memory of a visit there, a screed on why you hate it and everything it stands for (if you're a Red Sox fan) -- anything, as long as New York, New York is the subject.

Extra Credit: New York Yankees: Love em or hate em?

I wasn't going to do this but then I read Karen's post, and she reminded me of something I did in New York that I could post about.. so here it is.

Yep, another convention. This one back in 1990, and yep.. DeForest was there (naturally). I found the ticket stub I had and thought I would post a picture of the hotel, since John wants this about New York.. but .. not only couldn't I find a picture, I couldn't even find the name of the hotel by googling!

As I looked around, I did find the Hotel Pennsylvania on the same corner as the address on my ticket stub. But to be "more than sure" I even found a photo of De when he was standing by the podium reading his poem.. without a doubt I had the right Hotel name. So It's beyond me that there wouldn't be a photo somewhere on the web..

That first shot isn't flattering of De but it was the only one I had with the Hotel name in it. The second shot (taken the second day of the con) I posted because he is wearing a belt buckle that the "club" gave to him for his birthday. His 135th (?) birthday, as he had already played the old admiral on Next Gen. He loved that belt buckle, and I swear at every con after we gave it to him, he wore it!

Anyway.. at this same convention were many guests besides De. One was Ron Perlman who had made the tv series Beauty and the Beast. He was super nice! Generally the guest only have to be on stage for an hour, either telling stories or doing Q&A and Ron stayed on stage for 2 hours!

There were also some authors at this particular con. One... was a favorite of mine then and now.. Anne McCaffrey, who's autograph I still have on the paperback which had been her latest addition to Pern at that time.

Before I did this post about New York I was going to tell of a place I used to "hang at" when young in Greenwich Village. The name escapes me, it was something like Downstairs at the Upstairs or vice versa... there too, I couldn't find anything with the name in Google. It was a nice place, I'm thinking maybe Bleeker street, but then again that just might be a street name I remember lol.. Upstairs was a restaurant and "name" entertainment.... which of course, means I went Downstairs and we listened to local Jazz bands at the time.

I had other times in New York, but not alot, even living close to the city I didn't go much. My brother did, especially the one year when he was going to Parsons School of Design there.

I do remember him taking me to NY once though. (oh gawd) I was always a "tomboy" but him being a designer made me be dressed up with high heels and all. I don't want to say the words I called him as he walked "the NY walk" (fast) all over the place before finally taking me to lunch at the Museum of Art... trust me, my feet didn't think it was worth the agony!

Oh.. and the New York Yankees extra credit... FORGET IT BUD!! BROOKLYN DOGERS ALL THE WAY!!! Oh wait... that was way before your time.. heh.. never mind.


Blogger Mike said...

A nice article about New York. I've only been through New York not really in it. I didn't have a very good time there as I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours. I'd like to see more of the city some day though.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

I'm not a good saver of things. I can't believe you found that ticket!!!


8:10 PM  
Anonymous Karmyn R said...

I hope you have a scrapbook where you keep all those tickets and such! What fun.

I was looking back at your book reading post - have you ever read the Rhapsody series by Elizabeth Haydon? They are a good read too.

8:57 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I think it was Upstairs at The Downstairs...! It was one of maybe 6 or 7 rather famous small intimate "clubs" where you could see fabulous talent...back in the day, as they say now!
New York....a great great city to grow up in or near....!
Loved your High Heels story, Pat...THAT had to be very very hard on the feet! (lol)

12:45 PM  
Blogger Kiyotoe said...

in my many adventures to the "city" from across the river, I made a conscious effort to always stop by Greenwhich Village for a good time.

Kurtis Blow had a song called "the Freaks come out at night"....

Not in Greenwhich Village. 24/7 baby!

12:59 PM  

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