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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Moses...and then some..

I was helping out in the California Autograph show the first time I ever saw Charlton Heston. I came out of a walkway at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn and started towards the pool area. Out from the side of the pool came Charlton Heston... I stopped in my tracks... from the angle I was standing, it looked as if he was walking on the water!!! (talk about the picture of Moses coming to mind!!!) I stood a moment before I finally saw him headed to the same room of the convention I was going. I knew he was going to be there signing autographs for his charity, which I don't remember what it was at the moment.

During the day his line wound from inside to outside to up and down the parking lot without stopping! I knew I was doomed not to get his autograph! I couldn't stand in line all day when I was inside helping Jonathan Harris. I sighed and mentioned to Jonathan that I had wanted his autograph but the line was too long. He told me to go over and ask the man helping him if I could write to him for one. I did.. he told me the address where to write, and I bought the Moses photo below to mail to him.

Obviously he responded, not with just this photo but he also added a portrait shot of himself signed... I thought that was awfully nice of him since I didn't pay at the show for an autograph, all it cost me was the envelopes, the photo itself and some stamps...

I have to say I can't look at this photo though without remembering how my first sight of him looked as if he really could walk on water!

Oh goodness, here's one not everyone will know unless you like old movies... Tony Curtis. If you are one of the two people in the world, who never saw Some Like It Hot, among his, oh so many movies.. well... you'd best not let it pass you by. But maybe you recognize him from Houdini, or Operation Petticoat?..

Billy, Billly, Billy... Billy Barty, what a nice man he was. I met him three or four times at the autograph show. By then he was getting around in a scooter, as he was older and his legs, which never were very good for him, were giving out. He'd buzz around the show talking to everyone, he didn't care if you were an actor or not!

Billy began his career when he was only 3 years old... and never looked back. Later in life he was the High Aldwin in Willow, and played Screwball in the movie Legends.

Here's another name the very young won't know, Burt Lancaster. One of his most famous scenes was probably the kissing scene on the beach in Here to Eternity.

I had written to Mr. Lancaster for his autograph. Nearly a whole year passed when I received it along with a typed note from his secretary telling me that a whole bag of Mr. Lancasters mail had been misplaced by the post office and they just came upon it. I thought that was nice to let me know, they really didn't have to give any explanation on why it took so long.

The last one for today should look familiar... Mr. Kirk Douglas. He did a bit of every sort of movie they could make, but none will be remembered more by me then Spartacus.

I was really shocked when I received his autograph. I think it was the fastest time I ever received one by mail... 3 weeks after I mailed it I had it back!

'Till the next time....


Blogger Melli said...

Well! I'm familiar with every ONE of these faces! And *raising hand* I must be the OTHER one that saw Some Like It Hot ... I also liked Tony Curtis in Goodbye Charlie - with Debbie Reynolds and Pat Boone! I thought it was very good! And he was in another one I liked -- with Sidney Poitier - I can't remember what it was called -- but it was very good too...

I bet I've seen The Ten Commandments 2 dozen times -- that used to be traditional Easter viewing! But I liked CH almost as well in Ben Hur!

Do you by chance have the autograph of Richard Chamberlain? I don't know why but I when I think of Charleton Heston I always think of RC too! weird!

4:08 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Do actors still do this today or do they just rely on a personal webpage somewhere?

When you started to tell about Heston, I was hoping that you and he went for the same cab but you beat him there by just a hair. You look at him contemptuously and say, "Get your DAMN hands of my cab you filthy ape!". Would have been funny anyway:)

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4:30 PM  
Blogger Stewart Sternberg said...

I love these actors. They are part of our cultural heritage. Their presence is interwoven through the fabric of this country.

While none of them were ever profound actors, although from time to time their careers were marked with brilliance, their presence alone, their Star Presence, gave Americans an iconic comfort at a time when America most needed a solid icons. We're talking about the fifties, the uncertainty of the post war era, the difficulty of the Korean conflict, the McCarthy era, and the Cold War.

9:17 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

I adored Tony Curtis when I was a kid. He was such a beautiful looking guy when he was young! So incredibly handsome. Wow! My heart flutters!

Actually, "Some Like It Hot" was on television here again, a couple of months ago and I've taped it. Goodness knows how many times I've seen it but it's still one of all-time best comedies. This time the video goes into my library!

I used to say that if they made a movie on Tony Curtis's younger days in the movies, no one better than Robert Downey Jr. would do him justice. I've always seen a similarity between the two in their appearances. It should have been done when Downey was a bit younger than he is now. In my mind, Downey is a brilliant actor. To brilliant for his own good at times, he's proven...but he seems to be back on track now, hopefully.

4:48 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Chris: I don't think so... after seeing him "walk on water" I wasn't about to think there was anything, including getting a taxi that he couldn't do! lol

Stewart: once again you managed to make me think of something to do a small post about.. dealing with the blacklisting. hope to post it Tuesday
Meanwhile kids Icons are now Brittany Spears? totally "downhill" if you ask me

Lee: you know.. I may not like what he's done to himself, but Robert Downy Jr is really a fantastic actor! I hope his life stays on the right track now. Though I will NEVER understand why many do such horrid things to theirself.

4:12 PM  

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