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Thursday, March 15, 2007

There and back again .. (part 3)


Always the biggest day of a convention or autograph show.

I woke early (still partially on east coast time.. only partially mind you). Bathed and dressed and made my Cafe Vienna and went outside to the benches to soak in the weather. Oh, did I mention it was going to be 90 degrees this day? heh. (did I hear a few awwww's as to my roughing it? !)

As I sat, sipping my vienna, two ladies and a man appeared and sat opposite me to have a smoke. They were close enough that I couldn't help but hear them chatting. They had this wonderful accent that was bringing a smile to my fact (i love accents!) Finally, I saw an opportunity to ask where they were from and to tell them I was enjoying their wonderful voices. While we conversed I discovered that they were at the convention to see Billy Boyd, and that they, also, were from Scotland.

My mind reeled momentarily. First there were the girls from Japan and now others from Scotland! It would seem Fandom really knows no bounds! Although I had flown coast to coast a number of times in my heyday to follow DeForest, I never flew to another country to see him! We had a nice chat before going our ways, but it was destined that I meet them time and again before the convention was over.

I tried to strengthen my resolve to once again go into the dealers room and see what I may have missed. I did find a nice autographed photo (reasonably priced) of Miranda Otto who played Eowyn, and grabbed it up since there were only 2 left on the table.

I had to walk around and drool all over again at the same things I did the day before, still knowing there was no way I could afford them! I blew a kiss to Peter Jackson, smiled at Hugo Weaving (Elrond) and my hands shook as I, once again, handled the book Inkheart. I have to say I may have gotten it but it was a trade paperback/ proof/ signed edition. I don't collect expensive books so don't know the value of a proof/ trade back... all I knew was I had a hard back at home that only cost 12.99!

1 p.m. came quickly and it was time for the first guest to appear on stage.

"Pippen" walked out to a standing ovation of applause and screams. All of which he deserves because he's so entertaining. But the young gals doing the screaming weren't doing it because he was entertaining! lol. They were doing it because he's such a cutie pie!

But once again Billy did his comical antics and had me laughing...

I managed to crawl up closer for a few shots with my Canon T50 with the zoom lens to get these photos.

Look how animated he is! He can make you laugh with actions or with facial expressions! His hour on stage passed all to quickly and I found myself wandering around while waiting for the time that David Wenhem (Faramir) would be appearing.

I ran into Akiko and her group and then Kirsty and the others from Scotland. Kirsty told me about following Billy Boyd's band in Scotland and that they were mainly here to see how well they did in America. His band was to play later in the evening.

I also ran into Chris, who is the official photographer for Creation. I had met him at the New Jersey con and we struck up yet another conversation. After a bit he asked if I was going to do any of the Photo Op's (that's where you pay to have a photo taken by Chris with any of the guests). I said no.. I just had so much money to spend and I wouldn't be able to do any Photo Op's (at about 50.00 each). He reached into his pocket and gave me a card.

"What's this?" I asked.

"oh.. your last photo op was blurred,... you're now entitled to another."

I laughed, but he was serious! I now held in my hand a Photo Op I would use with Andy Serkis!!

Chris is very young, and I don't know if he appreciated it, but I hugged him anyway lol.

Now, it was time to go back to the room to see David Wenhem appear... I had seen him on the news show the day before and was saddened that his hair was not long like it was in LOTR. But from the time he walked on to the stage I knew I was in for a real eye candy treat! More so then on film, this was one handsome Aussie! (sheesh, not fair! I never met anyone that cute with an Aussie accent when I was young!) I mean reeeaaahhllly! It was like: hello! where have YOU been all my life?.. and do you like older women?? heh. Needless to say it was a vividly enjoyable hour!

Trust me... the photo's don't come NEAR showing how cute he is!

Following his appearance, it was time for getting the autographs. Row by Row. (I was in row 5) I began to feel relieved that soon I could put the two books back in my room that I had to lug around to get the signatures in! (I'm only posting one each but I had both books signed that they appeared in... I already had one of Billy in book one since Pippen was in all 3 movies.)

The day wasn't over yet........

Billy's band, called Beefcake, was to play later in the evening. I had gotten a cheaper "general admission" so I was too far back for photo's.. but not too far back to hear them lol..

I wasn't really surprised that they were pretty darn good! And Billy has a good voice, though most of the time the music was louder then he was. But then again this was a convention and I'm sure the sound system was not what it is like when they are using their own instruments and woofers and tweeters of their own.

If you'd like to see and hear the band I found Kirsty's web site on which you can find a really nice slide show of the band and then a video and hear them playing and singing.. just use this link!

Being a once upon a time drummer myself, I did go up to the stage after they left and just had to get a photo of this drumset ... gads! even at my age it still looks gorgeous!

.... to be continued: the last day.


Blogger Crunchy Carpets said...

Ooooh I miss going to cons.


Oh and David think he is eye candy there...
Have you seen him in his leather speedo in 300???

Hubba hubba!

1:21 PM  
Blogger SQT said...

Good looking Aussie men, it doesn't get much better than that...

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Karmyn said...

What a great guy, Chris, was!!! It certainly is good to know people, isn't it.

And yes - David Wenham, hubba eye candy for me.

4:03 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

crunch: oh yeah, I've seen scenes from the 300 that he's in ! heh..I assume drool buckets will be passed out with the theater tickets lol

Hi Sqt!.. yeah a number of darn handsome Aussies in the movies lately. Billy is from England and so is Andy. I seem to have more English and Aussie actors on my list to see then usual lately lol

Karmyn: yeah Chris is a good guy.. I have a photo of him in the pics somewhere. And you need to see David in the 300...if you like nearly naked bodies that is lol

7:41 PM  
Blogger Melli said...

OMG! I must say that David Wenhem is MUCH better looking with the short hair and lack of facial hair than he was in LOTR!!! Whooooley moley!!! Hot hot HOT!!! Can't be-lieve you were disappointed with the shorter hair! I tried to visit the link to listen to the band -- but it's leading to nobody's MySpace account! LOL!

10:13 PM  

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