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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

There and back again (part II)

Thursday was a quiet day. Sue was finally off of work for the rest of the week so after we spent hours recalling so many special times with the Kelley's that brought smiles to our faces and remembering conventions and the fun things we did back then, until we were in fits of laughter, we decided to watch some of her DVD collection. (which I also did when she was at work)

The first thing I watched was the extra dvd she had with King Kong, because I like that sort of thing and it would be more for me to see of what Andy Serkis did. After that I managed to watch Pirates of the Caribbean (the second one), Divinci Code, National Treasure and The Illusionist. (no, not all in one day)

Friday: After we did laundry and some other mundane things, we headed off to Burbank and to the Convention. Traffic being what it is in and around LA made us get off of the Freeway... right on to Coldwater Canyon Ave... and what before my eyes did appear... but the Apartment complex I lived in! (I came close to a full blown cry fest.. but I sucked it up and went on)

Although we arrived earlier then I was told I could check in I went to the hotel desk to let them know I was there. Low and behold my room was ready! (that works!) We got the keys and went right up to drop off my luggage and to read up what the hotel offered. After that we headed down to check in on the convention. I already had my ticket but Sue needed to get a daily pass.

Where we got the tickets led right into the dealers room so we thought we'd look around. We didn't get but a few feet when someone had their arms around me and was squealing with delight. Huh? When they leaned back I found the cute Japanese girl that I had met at the Jersey LOTR convention. I didn't even know her name but there she was all excited like when we had our one and only talk about Gandalf while waiting for our taxi's.

She's the one in purple. Her name is Akiko. (She's so cute both in looks and actions that every time I see her I have to smile) After the hugs I wanted to introduce her to Sue but had to ask her name. Thankfully, just from working for Japan Airline for 35 years Sue knew a few words in Japanese so things worked out better then I could have hoped.

Akiko and her friends (there were 5 others) had come from Japan to the convention.. which they had also done for the Jersey one... Later I was to find out they also went to New Zealand to see the tour that showed area's where the film was actually made!! I was floored to find out they went to New Zealand! Now that's a Fan!

Later we parted and Sue and I continued to look around the dealers room. There were a number of things that I would have loved, but they were out of my price range. heh. The biggest one was a framed autographed picture of Peter Jackson (oh yeah! now that I would love, love,l ove!) But it was ..250.00! So, I just waved at Peter and let him remain hanging at the dealers table. The same thing happened with a signed "Elrond" (Hugo Weaving), they wanted 90.00 for that... by then I decided I needed to look for a rather large drool bucket! I could tell it was going to be one of those days!

Unfortunately, I never found that bucket, and so I had to settle for wiping the excess saliva from the corners of my mouth with my sleeve when a bit later, I came across an autographed copy of the book Inkheart. Autographed by the author. (75.00) The book (although I had one here at home) tempted me All Weekend Long, for three reasons: one: was the authors signature. Second: was that if I owned that copy, for another 40.00 I could have Andy Serkis sign it, since he just finished filming the movie version of it. And thirdly: the dang book didn't sell and taunted me the whole time I was there!

Ok, so I had enough drooling and decided to get out of the dealers room. Before Sue and I were to go to dinner with some friends we went to check out the bar and "happy hour" (we still had a few hours before dinner time). We ordered one of the happy hour treats of pulled pork with a bbq sauce of some sort on buns.. two small ones came to us for 3.00. They were scrumptious! And just enough not to overfeed us. So of course we ordered a drink. Sue had wine, I had to have my golden margarita on the rocks. (I have about 2 a year if that lol). After we got the bill I knew at once I would not ever get drunk at this bar! One Margarita was 10.00!! Hello?.. I guess I should get out more huh?.. well, that and this hotel was the major hotel next to the Burbank airport, so they knew they had many businessmen to belly up to the bar.

Oh.. did i forget to mention our waiter?..heh.. let's just say we were both looking for drool buckets!!

After that we went to clean up and rest in my room until it was time to go to dinner.

Our mutual friend (and worker for Creation Cons, but who was not working this one) Richard Arnold, picked us up for dinner (with a friend of his) and took us to a Sizzler where we met up with our Friend Jackie. (but not before I could whip off a shot of the mountains around Burbank...

Then it was off to the Sizzler...

Dinner proceeded after many hugs and shared memories. And I was really glad to see Jackie and Richard, since they weren't going to be at the convention.

When our reunion/ dinner was over we parted with our friends. Sue went home to take care of her pooch, Penny, and I went to my room and got into my jammies and sprawled out on the oversized bed with 4 feather pillows. (ahhhhhh!) I relished the quiet that I knew would end soon enough when I came home again, and tomorrow would be a fast paced day with Billy Boyd and David Wenhem both appearing on stage. It didn't take me long to fall off to sleep.

... to be continued.


Blogger Melli said...

LOL Pat! For those girls to go to New Zealand is LESS of a trip than for them to come to New Jersey!!! Japan is rather nearish New Zealand... comparatively speaking!

Sooooooo... tomorrow do we get to the Convention??? LOL! I'm excited! I've never BEEN to one of these!

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Karmyn said...

I remember reading about the Japanese girl in your earlier post (I think)....that is very cool. I think the Japanese people are the friendliest around.

and I am DROOLING over this entire post. I guess I need to get myself to a convention sometime, just to say I've done it. It sounds like fun (except the $10 margarita - it better have been good).

4:11 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Hi Melli.. New Zealand may be closer for them but they still have hotels and such and pay for "the tour" blows my mind that anyone can afford to keep going and going (like the energizing bunny! lol)
Well we got to the con on this day, it's just the first time they didn't have one guest each day.. instead they were having 2 on Saturday. So.. lots of pics tomorrow!

karmyn: yes I mentioned her in the NJ convention.. I met her at the last minute of the whole con waiting for a taxi and she was so excited she just made me giggle lol..

The first margarita was too sweet.. (like I'm an expert having about 2 or 3 drinks a YEAR! LOL) But when I told our waiter the next day he made it MUCH BETTER!

4:25 PM  
Blogger Kiyotoe said...

Time sure does fly when you're having fun right?

So uhh....Akiko was kinda cute, did you exchange phone numbers? I only ask because I'll be going to Japan in 2008 (ahem)........

And drooling over the waiter?? Those weren't the sites you were out there to see young lady.

But I'm glad you had such a ball with your old friends.....keep the stories coming, I know there's plenty more.

I missed 'ya.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

Glad to have you back, Deslily and I'm enjoying your tales of your adventures. :) You were missed!

10:32 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

oh you rock... what fun.

especially your big bed and pillows.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous deslily said...

kiyotoe: hey! you are taken! no foolin' around on my watch! Going to Japan? really?

Hi Lee: ahh well, mini adventure, mini story hahaha..

pamela: in some of our lives..quiet and feather pillows can be a lot! lol

9:24 AM  

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