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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Artists and Horror and Dragons..oh my!

So.. yesterday (which was a whole lot nicer day then today's heavy rainfall) I went to the Chiller Autograph Show. Although there are many guest signing autographs, most are/ were from horror movies, which I rarely watch, and so this time there was no one special who's autograph I wanted to get.. but I did want a day away, so I went anyway.

I have to admit that I spent most of the day with Artists. Both Ken Kelly and Roger Kastel. I've mentioned them both on other occasions. Ken does quite a few book covers and has his own book out of his artwork. Roger did the original cover for "Jaws" and other works that are great, but he has no web site.

I made the rounds a few times looking in different areas where signings and such were going on... they had a good crowd.

Ken Kelly

Roger Kastel

The crowds were so thick it was impossible to get a good look at anyone for pictures, 'though I did manage to get these shots (not the best for sure) of Larry Storch. Anyone of the generation that watched F-Troop will remember Larry as Capt Agarn.

(gotta love the hat! )

I generally don't go into the dealers rooms. This is not because I don't enjoy looking at things. But in this case I really "don't enjoy" it much as it all about "horror" and "blood" etc. If horror and gore are your thing.. boy, would you love this dealers room!

But, reluctant though I was, I did make one pass through the dealers room. And so.. we won't do that again! For one, there really is more gore than I care to see, and second... well...I actually found something I thought was too cute to pass up! Duh... like I said, never again.

I will say though, that since I was not purchasing any autographs, I really didn't spend more then if I had gotten 2 of them. Instead, I purchased two "objects"

As most have noticed, lately I've been talking about books I read quite a bit. Most of said books have dragons in them... so when I saw these miniatures I couldn't resist! There they were in all their glory... and what were these dragons doing?.. protecting books! Well, that sure did me in! This dealer had all sorts of dragons, some of which I thought were really nice. I thought alot about many of them, but that "last straw", to push me over the edge to purchase them just wasn't there. Then I found these....

They are 4 and 5 inches tall. The first one is called Drakes of Wrath (name on the cover of the book he is protecting) Because I can't leave things alone I've given that dragon a name. And so it is that he is to be called, WordWyrm. Protector of the words in my books.

The second dragon statue is called, Lord of the Wings. (duh) But this is the name on the book on which he is ferociously protecting. Once again I have given him my own name. Hence forthe let him be called, Binderbound. And he will protect my books from savage mistreatment.

I think they are so neat. I can't stop looking at them. They are so detailed that you can see and feel the scales on them. (which means they will be hard to keep clean.. so now I have to try to find something to put them in so that they won't get all dusty. I think they sell done shaped glass things somewhere.. I'll have to keep my eye out for them.. or something glass or plastic that they can be put into and still seen.

Well, that's about all there is to say about yesterday. It was a good day. Good company to chat with (Ken and Roger), in general fun in walking around and now and then stepping outside (only in the 50's but sunny and nice), and a day away. Today I get to watch rain... rain.. and more rain as this Nor'easter runs amuck in our area.

'Till next time....


Blogger Melli said...

Now THESE (the dragons) are AWESOME! I'm really not IN to stories about dragons ... that whole fantasy thing has just never drawn me in... but the critters themselves? I LOVE THEM! And these are doozies if I do say! I love the names of their books - and I love the names YOU have given them also! I think this whole day was worth your while and money - just for them!

And... is that Larry Storch the same one that played a young doctor on one of the soaps many many MANY moons ago?

5:51 PM  

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