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Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Special Thanks..

This isn't the first time, nor do I suspect the last time that Naomi did some posts that made me think of... well, you know... Mr. Kelley.

First she posted something about getting DVD's for voting for the academy. That, of course brought back a flood of memories.. most of which this post will be about. Her second post was of flowers. Among them, Roses. I love Roses, and so did the Kelley's. So much so that nearly half of their front yard was a rose garden. When they were in bloom, as you walked through them to the front door it was if the smell from them could make you float to the door instead of walking.

Anyway, back to Naomi's first post about getting movies (in this case, for Naomi it was television) and voting on them for the Emmy's or Oscars. I am really REALLY glad she brought up this subject, and that it made me take photo's.. you'll see why at the end.

Of course DeForest was a member of the Academy, and I came to be one happy camper when he was sent all the movies from all the studios to vote for the Oscars. Why was "I" the happy one? Well, because when he finished with them I'd get a phone call to come by and pick up a "few bags full of movies"... which I delighted in doing! Then I would spend all my waking time (when not at work) watching all the movies I couldn't afford to go see.

In Naomi's post she mentions the "packaging and mailing" of the movies. Of course it's a tad different now because they are DVDs. When De got movies they were still using VHS. But, like what came to Naomi... I had one special package that De gave me.. and I dragged it out and took photo's of it today. (sorry, I know this is a lot of pictures!)

The year was 1995... And this was one of the items DeForest called me to the house to collect... It was a great white box..

The front said "Paramount Pictures 1995".. with a name plate on the front "DeForest Kelley"

When I opened it there were a number of 11x14 cards in a folder.. It all began with this one: Dear Academy Members....

Next came a large picture...

Written on it was "January Screening Calendar".....

and then.. two sided "advertisements" for their movies..

... flip side had a picture.

Next one was for Sabrina..

Then.. Home for the Holidays...

and lastly.. Losing Isaiah...

Then the dates for the calendar..

Underneath all of that sat the 5 VHS's, arranged so that it also showed the front gates of Paramount.

Not all his movies came so lavish. But they sure out did theirself with this one.

And now... the reason this made me so glad I decided to show this...

I haven't opened this box in years now..but when I opened it I found that I had stored some very special things in it.

One was an original Lobby Card from Warlock that De had signed: "one ringy dingy" (because of the Lily Tomlin stuff I've told you about)

Two actors I really liked in that one: De and Richard Widmark.

The other surprise was that I finally found the two 8x10 photo's I knew I had of De and Carolyn when they were young but was unable to find since I moved here!

You have to admit... they were both gorgeous!

So I am sending a special Thank you to Naomi, for bringing up the subject of Academy voting... or I still wouldn't know where I had put these items!!

'Till next time...


Blogger Pamela said...

you know.. you're making me fall in love with those two, also.

I never knew about her.. but I loved him on Star Trek... and now when I see an oldie on, I double check the bottom lip

10:23 AM  
Blogger Melli said...

I was over reading Naomi's post about this JUST today! The two of you have sO many interesting tales to tell! I'm so glad you found your treasures!

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

I love it when you post about the Kelley's.

11:46 AM  

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