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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ya Gotta Love

When books are "in stock" I have to say that Amazon is really quick on the delivery!

I ordered 3 books (a young adults trilogy) on Wednesday and they were here on Friday! Excellent service!

So finally I have something to read again that isn't boring! I am still reading "some" of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel, ONLY because I had nothing else to read.. I have great doubts I will finish that book.

This time I am trying another new author, since Cornelia Funke got me so excited with her Inkheart series, I figured I'd give another young adult author a shot. These books are by Angie Sage and sound like something I will enjoy.. Amazon has this to say about book one...

From Publishers Weekly
Fantasy fans on the younger side of Harry Potter will find a good jolt of action, mystery and humor in Corduner's light and swift reading of this magyk-filled adventure. Infants switched at birth, spell casting, Brownies, boggarts, dastardly villains and wizards add lively scenery and action throughout. Though a broad cast of characters threatens to become unwieldy, Sage's smooth storytelling pace and Corduner's assured, inviting voice keep things on track.

It sounds enjoyable, and I plan on beginning Magyk today sometime.

However.. I have a beef with some publishers. (at least I think it's the publishers).. I really have a peeve about something..... and it's this.....

See anything wrong with this picture??... well look close!

Do you see a difference in this photo of Magyk (on top) and Cornelia Funke's book?

Ok.. well this close up should seal the deal!... I absolutely hate, hate, hate when a book has the uneven pages! It's almost like they tore the pages instead of cutting them! AND.. whenever I find this to be the case, you can count on the paper being much poorer quality! Grrrrrrrrr! Of course I couldn't see this when ordering from the computer.... but I can tell you something... if I pick up a book like this... I put it back down! Even if it's one I really want!

Why do publishing companies do this?? Hey man! I just paid MORE for hard back books, so why cheat me on lousy paper??? It's so annoying trying to turn the pages when the paper is like this too.. they tend to stick together!

It isn't just me who hates this is it?? sheesh, I hope not! But if it is... so be it!

And don't tell me it's because it's a young adults book!.. All of Cornelia Funke's books have the smooth edged pages...AND..and... this crummy book I am trying to read, Jonathan Strange... has the same crummy edges! And that's an adult book! Go figure!

So.. please tell me if you've ever picked up a book with uneven pages, and if so...does it annoy you ??


Blogger Lee said... doesn't annoy me at all, takes me back into a time way before I was born. That's how books of old were made. I ordered the hardback of my favourite book a number of years ago...I had to order from the States (before the days of computers and Amazon) and I was thrilled when it arrived with the uneven, torn-edges pages.

I guess it's an individual thing...but I love the "old" feeling they give to me.

4:20 AM  
Blogger SQT said...

I'm kind of like Lee, I don't mind the pages like that.

I am interested in what you think of the books tho....

5:01 PM  

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