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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Name Game

Lee, over at Kitchen Connection had a post about Edgar being sick and going to the doctor. Edgar is her computer. (heh)

Which put me to mind about naming. Be it people, animals or things.

I am guessing we've all named a pet, sometime during our lives; I know I have. At the moment, here in this house I did name 2 of the 8 cats. That would be: BooBoo Kitty They wanted to call him Whitey because he's white. Duh. How boring. I gave him the name BooBoo, because when he was a stray, outside, he always had dirt in the corner of his eyes.. you know.. boo boo's. And Winkey got her name because she must have had something wrong with one eye for a bit and kept blinking (winking) her one eye.

As a kid I had a dog I named Freckles. Brown and white dog with brown freckles on her muzzle. And a cat named Kitty Gray.. I think you can figure that one out. I know I named my dolls as a kid, but those are long forgotten. I do remember my mother always named her car. They were always clunkers, cause she was raising two kids alone on only her salary.. but she always wound up calling them the same name, Nellie Bell. (you'd have to be older and watched tv westerns to get the name)

Most recently I named my two bookdragons (WordWyrn and BinderBound). I had long forgotten the very first dragon I named, which was given to me eons ago by my husbands nephew, Russ... so of course I named the dragon Russ. Russ is all of 2 inches tall and has managed to make all move moves without breaking or getting lost. I photographed Russ for you...

I guess the last thing I remember naming, that wasn't a dragon statue is a steer skull that was given to me one year by my friend Sue in California. I named him: Dead Fred. (duh) When I situated Dead Fred in my apartment I put a plant near him that I dubbed: Live Louie.. you know.. for effect.

My memory isn't what it used to be so I am blanking out on other things I've named over the years... what are some of the names you've given to animals or plants or.... or... whatever?

...'till next time...


Blogger Melli said...

I do LOVE naming things! Well... pets, children... not so much inanimate objects! But the funniest ones we ever had were 2 goldfish when Amanda was little. We named them Romeo and Juliet... Juliet died and Romeo commited suicide by jumping out of the bowl!

We also had a sucker fish one time named Hoover. And a little speed demon of a fish - I forget what kind he was but man he was fast! We named him Turbo!

10:12 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

Great post, Deslily...put a smile on my face and caused me to chuckle! :)

Sometimes, I call things names I cannot repeat in here! ;)

1:23 AM  

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