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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Oh, Foo..

Oh my.. Leven, Leven, Leven what can possibly be next for you?

Whelp, I finished book two of Leven Thumps. This was one fast paced book! Run, run, run, and now I get to wait, wait, wait, for the next installment.. sheesh.

Without giving anything away I think I can safely say that I want a Sycophant. This is that little creature you see on the book cover with Leven, named Clover. He is one cool dude! lol He has a never empty pocket he calls the void, and can disappear when he wants to. (I wouldn't mind that one myself lol)

Did I mention that along with Leven, Winter and Clover (the drawings in a few posts down) there is also another who travels with them... ummm... he's a ...a... well,... he's a toothpick named Geth..heh. Sounds dumb huh? Well, it's kinda hard for Leven to believe too so, don't feel bad about rolling your eyes when you hear that there's a character in this book that's... a toothpick. But, I'll let you read the book to find out about Geth.. the toothpick, and everyone's continuing journey now that they finally managed to get to Foo.

It's a good read and it's not only young adults that will enjoy the books about Leven Thumps.

So.... I have to say goodbye for now to Leven and go see what a Halfling named Wick is up to in The Rover. by Mel Odom.

Although I have this book as a hard back.. the print is smaller then usual, so this may take me a little longer seeing as this "floater" in my eye likes to cloud up what I am reading... but we'll muddle thru!

Before I go I guess I want to mention that around many "book blogs" there is a big ta-do about Literary Reviews vs. Blogging Reviews... (so dumb)

There is no "vs"! Literary Reviews are done by people who are hired to do book reviews. All sorts of book reviews. They don't get to pick and choose their favorite genre to read.. they just read. I'm sure they are very capable of reviewing the "technicalities" of writing and review any type of book.

Where as bloggers generally read things they already know they will most likely enjoy, and then put it out there to chat about it with others who have read the same book.

Hello? Do either of these sound even remotely the same? Duh.

My personal opinion is simple. Because of bloggers talking about certain books, I have bought and read far more books this last year then I have in quite some time! And because of them, I haven't wasted a cent! There's not one book that I would say I really didn't like and therefore wasted my money!

I still read the Literary Review .. but I don't go on that alone. When I did, to be honest, I made a few unwise choices.

Gosh, a lucky few of us, (when talking about certain books) have even had visits from authors! Chris had the author of Fablehaven, Brandon Mull stop by his blog. And I've had James A Owen come by!

I'd like to think these authors are glad we are talking about their books. Word of mouth (or typing) is good advertising! It's always been that way, be it books or movies etc.

No one's word is gold. What I like, you may not like. What I think is good, may be bad to another. The same goes for the Literary Reviews... they can be "right on".. or "way off"...

It would seem the Literary people have opened their mouths and got their panties in a knot!

Hopefully, in the end, the author is the winner...'cause he/ she has paid reviews... and free advertising with the bloggers!

'Nuff said...

...'till the next time....


Blogger Lee said...

Soon you're going to have to erect a tent in your backyard, Deslily, to live in it and leave the house to your books! ;)

10:43 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Uh see..who's getting comments about having too many books now?! ;)

For some reason I thought there were more than 2 books out in the Leven Thumps series. I thought that one had been around for awhile. Well that just you have to wait, lol. Maybe I should wait on that one too.

I totally agree with your opinion on the stupid blogger vs. reviewer thing. There is no "vs." It's two totally different things. These columnists need to stop being so insecure and just zip it!

10:49 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Lee: I wish I could say I had "that many" but compaired to many (chris!) I'm a beginner lol.

Hey Chris: lol.. Go ahead and get them if you are going to.. the third comes out in September..thankfully, not a long wait!... Wait... did I just tell you to buy more books?

9:12 AM  

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