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Sunday, November 04, 2007

How Come I Find Everything But Money?

OMG! Yesterday I came across a book that holds LARGE pictures.. and boy did I find some odd things in that book!

For one I found this old pencil drawing I did of DeForest... (size about 11x14)

For another I found this giant comic book..(about 10x 13).. the date is in the corner.. 1977 and it cost a whole $1.50! (hello?! ya can't buy a small comic for that anymore, can you?)

As soon as I saw the cover I smiled. I knew that I had bought it to draw Conan for a painting on a motorcycle! So I found the drawing I did from this cover to show you what my X and I painted...

When I opened the book I saw this picture in one of the stories...

wow!.. he looks like Kevin Sorbo when he played Hercules! lol

And last but not least I found this...

good lord almighty!... what was I thinking?! I do remember where it was taken.. in a mall that would give you costumes that just tied in the back so you looked like you had on an outfit.. then they'd take your photo and in one hour you could come back for this sepia toned photo... gads zook! Me and Jack Daniels?!! Not very likely! LOL.. I think my kids were in their early teens when this was taken.. that would make me early 40's then... gosh... I'd drink the Jack Daniels if I could be that age again!!

Did everyone take Maxines advice and turn your clocks back last night? I tried to do it her way, but when I looked in the mirror I found it didn't work!.. dang it all!


Blogger Chris said...

Don't you love finding stuff that you forgot you had? That's one of my favorite feelings! And look at you looking all sexy ;)

6:01 PM  
Blogger Carl V. said...

Saucy picture!!!

Love your drawings. It is really cool to come across stuff you forgot you had.

9:59 PM  

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