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Saturday, November 24, 2007

There's Something About Old Movies..

The Holiday is good for more than just food! This is the time they decide to put on some old movies that they rarely show!....

Judge Hardy

Mrs Hardy

Andy Hardy

Yesterday and today TMC has been running several of the old Andy Hardy movies.. and I've watched a bunch of them!

It is a look back to when the movie studios actually made movies that would be considered something like a Young Adult book! Some of life's little lessons.

In today's terms most younger folk would think these movies are corny (if they even use that term!) But I sure loved (and still do) these movies. Mickey Rooney was such a great character, and although he also made some really good movies close to the same time.. I think it was this series of movies that made him a household name.

But who did I like best? Lewis Stone! Gosh how I loved his character of Judge Hardy, and probably even more as his role being Andy Hardy's dad. I wanted someone just like him to be MY dad!! .. heck, anyone who could get away with what Andy got away with and have his dad still love him... well, he HAD to be a really special dad

I really enjoyed watching these movies the past two days. Most of them had actress Ann Rutherford as Mickey's girlfriend, but in the last one or two his girlfriend was played by none other than Judy Garland.

I love when TMC station runs a series like this!! I wish they would do it with the old Charlie Chan movies too! But I seem to never see them anymore.

Warner Oland along with Keye Luke (number one son) made most of the Charlie Chan movies...

But Sidney Toler was my favorite of those who portrayed the oriental sleuth!

Number one son, Keye Luke, had to share the screen with number 2 son, Jimmy played buy Victor Sen Yung. Though, Keye Luke became more famous in the end.. not just for playing in Charlie Chan, but he had quite a career after that!

One of the comic relief characters was Birmingham Brown.. this man could make me laugh so much! His eyes said it all.. but he got the good lines, like when he was scared and those eyes would open wide and he'd be heard to say: Feet.. don't fail me now!

Today's movies consider a Trilogy as something amazing.. having 3 movies made usingthe same characters ...but long long ..long ago... there were movies like Andy Hardy and Charlie Chan. These old series may not have had any special effects.. but they sure had memorable characters!


Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I loved those Andy Hardy films, too, Pat...And semi watched some of them the last two days....I saw one or two I had NEVER Seen before...Like the very lasr=t one made in 1958...Andy was a grown man, now called "Andrew", with a wife and children....He came back to Carver abd his Mom and unt and Sister still lived there...In the end, they made him a Judge...A very fitting 'full circle'...Of course dear dear ewis Stone was gone by that time....So it was rather pougnant, too!
It was not nearly as good as those earky films but had it's moments...Rooney's Son Teddy played his son in the film...He went to school with The Parks boys and Garrett and Teddy were good friends for a while....!
Rooney was and is incredubly talented....! That was a great series of oucs, and I LOVED the Dr. Kildare series, too....That wondrful Lew Ayers, and Key Luke, of course as well as the FANTASTIC Lionel Barrymoe...!

The History of "BlackS" in films of that period--the 30's, & 40's was shameful really...They were all portrayed as buffoons and rather stupid and chidish, and the conedt came out of these so called portrayals....Really awful,if you think about how demeaning that all was....! All those mem and women were incredibly talented actors...And though most pf the women were maids, etc....At lesst Hattie McDaniel got to show what she could really do, in that scene in GWTW when she tells Melanie hw things had been in that house, as they walked yp the stairs---THAT was all in one take! THere was her Academy Award performance, right there. But those kinds of scenes were few and far between...Again, pretty shameful, I'd say.

BY THE WAY: I LOVE the Fog coming in the way it does, up here...Sometimes it comes right up to my windows and it is like being in the middle of a cloud...There is something quite wonderful sbout that when it happens,,,,!

9:32 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Hi Naomi! Some of the Andy Hardy movies were new to me too! They must have dug deep! I had never seen that last movie either, where he becomes a judge like his dad!

I was in love (like dad love) with two old men that I wanted for my dad... Lewis Stone was one the other was Harry Davenport.. most especially from the movie called The Enchanted Forest, where a little boy is lost in the forest and the old man cares for him.

You are right about the old movies and blacks.. but you know what? The adults doing those movies were wrong not to let their talent really show through most of the time, but as a kid, when I saw those movies, the nanny's and maids and butlers, were the ones that loved the kids more than the parents.. so I didn't see them in a bad light at all. Not until I became an adult did I realize they were not giving them opportunities.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Nicola said...

Thanks for bringing back old memories. I used to watch all the old movies on TV in the 70s and Andy Hardy was an all-time fav. of mine. I fell in love with Mickey Rooney through them and just love everything he did. He is one of the Great Actors.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Carl V. said...

We are huge fans of the Andy Hardy movies in our home and I've turned my daughter on to them and recently found out my niece was hooked on them as well. I think any kid with a bit of self awareness and an open mind can really enjoy them today. They are so much fun.

6:21 PM  

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