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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Boris- 1978

While reading Chris's blog I saw that he was joining yet another challenge. One that consists of Graphic Novels. Not to my surprise he is going to read mostly Neil Gaiman graphic novels.

It reminded me of a little hardback book that I've had forever.. (discovered it was published in 1978)

Boris Vallejo has always been a favorite artist of mine. To my knowledge, other than his books of his artwork, which mainly consists of paintings he's done for Fantasy book covers, he did but one little book with his first wife Doris. A child's story which he illustrated. The book is called The Boy Who Saved the Stars. (I was wrong about the title Chris! heh..hey it's too early in the morning to think!)

Anyway, I found the book and scanned many of the illustrations from it and thought I'd share the picture side of this book. It isn't all of the drawings, but it is most of them!

(dang! I don't remember ever posing for Boris! )

The book is only 32 pages long and it's not the greatest of stories.. or at least, it should have had more to it.

It's the story of a boy named Alo who loved the stars. One night it seems that there aren't as many stars and finally a dark shape appears of an ogre who is eating the stars. Alo goes to a wizard and a witch to help him obtain a magic sword to kill the ogre with and flies into the sky to slay the monster. When he does the ogre bursts and all the stars he has eaten return to the sky.

The little story could be a lot better, but I bought the book because I rarely see any Boris paintings that are of a cartoon nature, and at the time I collected his books. (still have them!) Anyway.. it's considered a graphic novel so I thought I'd share this little book with everyone.


Blogger Stephanie said...

Oh....I LOVE those pictures!! Yeah....I joined the Graphic Novel challenge too. Surprisingly enough, I have never read a Graphic Novel!

And yes, I did add a couple of Gaiman!

1:19 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Those pictures are great, but I would've never guessed that they were Boris Vallejo if you hadn't said that they were! They're so different from his other stuff. Very interesting!

I think you should join the challenge and read some Neil Gaiman graphic novels ;)

2:59 PM  
Blogger Carl V. said...

I wouldn't have guessed that was Boris' work. Loved your comment about the lady with the wild hair.

I think you would find graphic novels to be quite interesting, there are alot of great ones out there.

8:51 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Steph, Chris and Carl.. aside from this little book, I've seen/ read others just not owned them... as money dwindles I just can no longer justify the cost for the little amount of time it takes to read them.. ah well.. I do look at some and "read them" in stores now and then..but now I don't get to stores anymore either! sheesh lol

9:15 PM  

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