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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Double My Pleasure

Just One More Thing : Stories from my Life: by Peter Falk

Hardcover: 280 pages
Publisher: Carroll & Graf (August 23, 2006)
ISBN-10: 0786717955

This book is exactly what he title's it "Stories from My Life".. it's short snippets of memories he has, mostly involving his career as an actor. This is not a biography that begins with his parents and his birth, but rather very short memories.

I rather enjoyed this book. Although I can't say I learned much about Peter, I do enjoy hearing little snippets of stories. This is the same reason I enjoy helping a celebrity at autograph shows.. by sitting next to them for hours at a time, eventually little stories are told to pass the time, things that may not be all that important, but stay in their memories. This is what Peter's book is like. On a personal note, if I could talk to Peter, I would tell him to keep writing down snippets and put out a volume II one day!

Right off the bat many people will remember Peter from one of his many movies (besides Columbo of course)... It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World being right up there near the top, if for no other reason than the amount of stars that was brought together for this one movie.

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Spencer Tracy ... Capt. C. G. Culpepper
Milton Berle ... J. Russell Finch
Sid Caesar ... Melville Crump, DDS
Buddy Hackett ... Benjy Benjamin
Ethel Merman ... Mrs. Marcus
Mickey Rooney ... Ding 'Dingy' Bell
Dick Shawn ... Sylvester Marcus
Phil Silvers ... Otto Meyer
Terry-Thomas ... Lt.Col. J. Algernon Hawthorne
Jonathan Winters ... Lennie Pike
Edie Adams ... Monica Crump
Dorothy Provine ... Emeline Marcus-Finch
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson ... Second cab driver (as Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson)
Jim Backus ... Tyler Fitzgerald
Ben Blue ... Biplane pilot
Joe E. Brown ... Union official
Alan Carney ... Policesergeant
Chick Chandler ... Detective outside Chinese laundromat
Barrie Chase ... Sylvester's girlfriend
Lloyd Corrigan ... The Mayor
William Demarest ... Police Chief Aloysius aka Al
Andy Devine ... Sheriff of Crockett County
Selma Diamond ... Ginger Culpeper, Voice on Telephone (voice)
Peter Falk ... Third cab driver
Norman Fell ... Detective at Grogan's crash site
Paul Ford ... Col. Wilberforce
Stan Freberg ... Deputy sheriff
Louise Glenn ... Billie Sue Culpeper, Voice on Telephone (voice)
Leo Gorcey ... First cab driver
Sterling Holloway ... Fire Chief
Edward Everett Horton ... Mr. Dinckler
Marvin Kaplan ... Irwin
Buster Keaton ... Jimmy the Crook
Don Knotts ... Nervous Motorist
Charles Lane ... Airport manager
Mike Mazurki ... Miner
Charles McGraw ... Lt. Matthews
Cliff Norton ... Reporter
Zasu Pitts ... Gertie (switchboard operator)
Carl Reiner ... Tower controller at Rancho Conejo
Madlyn Rhue ... Secretary Schwartz
Roy Roberts ... Policeman outside Irwin & Ray's Garage
Arnold Stang ... Ray
Nick Stewart ... Migrant truck driver
Joe DeRita ... Fireman (as The Three Stooges)
Larry Fine ... Fireman (as The Three Stooges)
Moe Howard ... Fireman (as The Three Stooges)
Sammee Tong ... Chinese laundryman
Jesse White ... Radio tower operator at Rancho Conejo Jimmy Durante ... Smiler Grogan

rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Jack Benny ... Man in car in desert (uncredited)
Paul Birch ... Policeman (uncredited)
John Clarke ... Helicoper Pilot (uncredited)
Stanley Clements ... Detective in squad room (uncredited)
Howard Da Silva ... Airport Officer (uncredited)
Minta Durfee ... Bit part (uncredited)
Roy Engel ... Patrolman / Police radio voice unit F-14 (uncredited)
James Flavin ... Patrolman (uncredited)
Nicholas Georgiade ... Detective at Grogan's crash site (uncredited)
Stacy Harris ... Police radio voice unit F-7 (voice) (uncredited)
Don C. Harvey ... Policeman in helicopter (uncredited)
Allen Jenkins ... Police officer (uncredited)
Robert Karnes ... Police Officer Simmy (uncredited)
Tom Kennedy ... Traffic cop (uncredited)
Harry Lauter ... Police dispatcher (uncredited)
Ben Lessy ... George (steward) (uncredited)
Bobo Lewis ... Pilot's wife (uncredited)
Jerry Lewis ... Man who runs over hat (uncredited)
Bob Mazurki ... Eddie (miner's son) (uncredited)
Barbara Pepper ... Bit part (uncredited)
Eddie Ryder ... Air traffic control tower staffer (uncredited)
Charles Sherlock ... Crowd Extra (uncredited)
Eddie Smith ... Extra (uncredited)
Doodles Weaver ... Hardware Store Clerk (uncredited)

A challenge could be made here for you to find another movie with this many stars in it! But I'll be nice and let that challenge go.. heh.

One of my all time favorite movies that Peter was in is Murder By Death: 1976. Once again it was a movie just loaded with movie stars!... In this book of snippets of Peter's life he mentions how lucky he was to be in movies with a cast of great actors. In this movie each character was a spoof of some great detective.

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Eileen Brennan ... Tess Skeffington
Truman Capote ... Lionel Twain
James Coco ... Milo Perrier (Hercule Poirot)
Peter Falk ... Sam Diamond (Sam Spade)
Alec Guinness ... Bensonmum
Elsa Lanchester ... Jessica Marbles (Miss Marple)
David Niven ... Dick Charleston (Nick Charles/ the Thin Man)
Peter Sellers ... Sidney Wang (Charlie Chan)
Maggie Smith ... Dora Charleston (Nora Charles)
Nancy Walker ... Maid
Estelle Winwood ... Nurse
James Cromwell ... Marcel Richard Narita ... Willie Wang (son of Charlie Chan)

It is still a favorite movie of mine.. it holds up every bit as good today as when it was made.

A spin-off movie that came from all of that was yet another Detective movie for Peter.. you can tell he was meant to be a detective even before he really realized it.

The Cheap Detective: 1978

Peter Falk ... Lou Peckinpaugh
Ann-Margret ... Jezebel Dezire
Eileen Brennan ... Betty DeBoop
Sid Caesar ... Ezra Dezire
Stockard Channing ... Bess
James Coco ... Marcel
Dom DeLuise ... Pepe Damascus
Louise Fletcher ... Marlene DuChard
John Houseman ... Jasper Blubber
Madeline Kahn ... Mrs. Montenegro
Fernando Lamas ... Paul DuChard
Marsha Mason ... Georgia Merkle
Phil Silvers ... Hoppy
Abe Vigoda ... Sergeant Rizzuto
Paul Williams...boy

Whatever made his so lucky as to do movies with such great stars is beyond even Peter Falks imagination.

One thing is for certain.. I did learn one major thing about Peter Falk, even if this isn't a biography... it's this :

If Peter hadn't become an actor... he would have been an artist.

... and a damn good one too!


Recently I had sent for a book by Drew Struzan and it arrived just the other day.. right after I did the poster post... so I looked through this book and cringed.. more than I wanted to... because I realized a number of posters I know I had which I can now not find.. and they were mostly Star Wars Posters!!!

The Movie Posters of Drew Struzan

Hardcover: 119 pages
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers (September 7, 2004)
ISBN-10: 0762420839

Actually, Amazon has a good description of this book..

Book Description
Drew Struzan's talent for capturing what is both human and heroic in the face of a movie character has made him the top Hollywood film campaign artist for the past 30 years. Struzan, the last of the great poster artists, according to The Boston Globe, has created the images for some of the biggest and most successful box office hits in cinematic history, including Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Back to the Future, the complete Star Wars series, E.T., Blade Runner, Rambo, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and Hook. This compilation of his cinematic art, accompanied by text explaining his particular vision of each character, features a foreword by the director George Lucas.

Need I say more??? I love this book... but I wish it had ALL his posters in it!


Blogger Debi said...

I absolutely have to get that Peter Falk book...I adore him! Murder By Death is one of my all-time favorite movies, too! I still remember the first time I saw it when I a kid and we were visiting my aunt and uncle. I've probably seen it a dozen times since, and as you said, it never disappoints! Gosh, you've got me all inspired to go throw it in my Netflix queue now...hope they have it!

6:16 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

debi: like I said it's not a biography...but it's funny because you can hear his voice in your head telling the stories.

7:48 AM  

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