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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two, two .. Two Instead of One!

The TWO gator's are getting aggressive and coming on land..

They are small... but oh so fast! And they don't seem to be afraid of people and scurry back into the water.. they stay there defiantly.




Later in the day the smaller gator came onto the grass right in front of my apt!! I managed to take a photo so you can compare the  size of the gator to the little Moorhen.. the pictures above are of the "larger" gator.. below the smaller one.. but both are small.

I will tell you that he tried to get closer to the Moorhens more than once.. it's small but very aggressive.

It won't be long until their teeth grow large! 

I do not understand why Animal Control will not remove them until 5 foot long when it would be so easy to move them at this size.  

Even though they are very small, I am glad I have a very good zoom lens!


Blogger Cath said...

My goodness, Pat, this is utterly rivetting. I'm terrified for all your birds as those things grow but seeing your pics is a fascinating thing. Keep 'em comin'. While it's safe...

7:02 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

hi Cath: So funny that you would say to keep taking photo's when I pretty much figure others are tired of them (not that I mind).. and here I sit with 3 more pond posts ready to post! What's nice is I don't have to write much.. the pictures say it all..but they are repetitive, in that most are the same birds over and over. This littlest gator actually ran towards the moorhens twice while I was taking pictures.. the Moorhen may be bigger than him at the moment but that won't last long. Plus I just can't believe it already wants "big meat"!!!

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

They look so menacing! With their evil alligator smiles. :P

9:01 AM  
Blogger Debi said...

I just can't believe the awesome shots you've been able to capture of them, Pat! Seriously, what fabulous photos!!!

9:37 AM  
Blogger madcobug said...

Those gators look scary even if they are small. Yes it would so much easier if they removed them while they are that small. I hope the fowl around there evades them. Probably the first to go will be the turtles. I love all the pond pictures you take. Helen

12:22 PM  
Blogger Kailana said...

So they only get dangerous after a certain size? Aren't gators dangerous anyways, or is it crocs that are? Or both. I don't exactly live where they are natural, so I have mostly only ever seen them in zoos!

1:04 PM  
Blogger Nymeth said...

That's an evil grin in that last picture, that is! I hope they catch them soon!

3:04 PM  
Blogger cj said...

Five feet? That's ridiculous! It seems silly to let the get to a size that can do real damage to the creatures around the pond!

But, your photos are amazing.


4:28 PM  
Blogger Daphne said...

that's rather exciting! I love seeing the photos.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Shanra said...

They don't remove them because below 4 feet they're not generally a threat to humans and they don't care about the pond life/don't have the resources to respond sooner. *sad noise* (More info.) Sucks, but there you go.

I'd be terrified living there, though. I hope that once they have to catch the larger alligator, they'll just catch the other one because they're there already anyway! *shudders*

They are great pictures, though, for all the frightening models on them. ^-~

6:01 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Jenny: well they don't really remind me of Captain Hooks Tick Toc

Debi: it's a good zoom! cause I know nothing w/ the camera except put it on auto and zoom!

Helen: I guess it would make too much sense to move them when it's easy.. duh.

Kelly: well it depends on what one considers dangerous.. if you mean they aren't big enough to kill a person yet then they are not dangerous but if you ask me if I want to get bit by one even that size my answer is NO thank you!

Nymeth: yup evil grin is right! I doubt they have sweet thoughts!

cj: guess they don't care..

Daphne: well they are too small to be very exciting LOL..

you are quite right Shanra..but there are 2 of them.. they are very fast on land as well as in the water and the apts around this pond are all old people.. no one UNDER 65 yrs old and many use walkers.. so.. this is not the place for even small gators but they don't seem to see it that way.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Bookfool said...

Wow, that does seem crazy that they wait till they're 5 feet long. Yeeks. Great shots, though! I guess you're getting to have a little fun while they're around. :)

7:50 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

bookfool: well. I don't know that you'd call it fun .. lol.. it is common sense to watch when you are walking by the pond to be sure you know where "your enemy is" so to speak

5:31 AM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

They are something else! I wonder too about Animal Control. Maybe there is some reason to do with their growth patterm or something---I guess it depends on where they move them to...Possibly they can't defend themselves when they are that young.....

1:20 PM  
OpenID josbookshelf said...

Hey, I missed your gator pictures. Terrific! After the turtle photo, some of these are going as my desktop wallpaper. Thanks for posting really great pics.

11:57 PM  

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