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Monday, April 19, 2010

Back in New Jersey

Back in New Jersey, on Saturday & Sunday, was the Chiller Autograph Show that I went to twice a year. (*huge sigh*)  But here I am in Florida. Therefore I did not go.

So yesterday was a bad day... but yet a bit of a good day. (curious? Read on)

I missed my girlfriend Michelle and her son Donald who not that long ago began meeting me there each and every show. Having someone to walk with and talk with is always a plus.  She and Donald did go to the show, which always amazes me as they drive up from Virginia (near Washington) which is nearly a 5 hr drive to come to it.

I missed seeing Roger and Grace: (old photo) Roger is the artist that painted the Jaws poster/ bookcover.. and many other things. Grace is his wonderful wife. I loved seeing them each show and seeing anything that I hadn't seen before that they decided to make into prints to sell.


..and I missed Ken and Susan: (old photo) Ken is a fantastic artist and Susan is doing sculpting...

I always visited them multiple  times while there.

But when Michelle called me later that day she told me that she visited them all and everyone was well.  She also said that Grace and Roger look at this blog now and then and really like the photo's of the birds!! Coming from and Artist's eye that made me feel good and I was more then grateful that Michelle told me about that! 

I keep feeling I put way too many pictures of the birds up...but life at the "old folks home" is so exciting there's nothing much else to do! I'm not a speed reader so my  "book reports" take a while.  Sometimes I wonder what my blog is all about... when I began 4 yrs ago it was this and that and I guess mostly memories.  Then I fell into this group of book readers!  But when both my brother and David died and I had no choice but to move everything changed for me.  Now I have the Pond with big birds around ... so that's what you get folks!... wow, but I miss the shows!

There were a guest or two I'd have liked to have seen and talked with (along with getting the autograph of course)..

I doubt anyone is as old as me that reads my blog, but if there is... Richard Chamberlain was there!  OMG! DR. KILDARE!!!  (now 76 yrs old!) Dr. Kildare aired from 1961-1966. (so I was 17 when it first aired and had my first son before it went off the air). 

  (web photo)

In 1978-79 he did a dozen episodes of "Centennial" and then in 1983 he did "The Thorn Birds".

(web photo)

I realize it hurts to admit we might remember Richard.. but he's worth it. He is a fabulous actor!

Michelle knew I would have gotten Richard Chamberlains autograph and so she got one for me!  I'll show it when it comes in the mail!

Then..*big ..sad...sigh..* There was Connor Trinneer!

One other time he was to do this show when I was still in New Jersey but had to cancel.. this time he didn't cancel! .. he is such a cutie, and I really loved his character on Enterprise as the Chief Engineer named Trip.  I was sooooo sorry that show got canceled when it did!  I wasn't ready for the cancellation dang it!

  (web photo)

Connor went on to do guest spots on other shows and then did a number of episodes in Stargate:Atlantis

  (web photo)

I have to admit it... Connor is one of "those" actors (like Karl Urban) who makes me wish I was young again, just so I could drool and not look like  a stupid old fool LOL..

Here comes the "good" part of the day... my friend Michelle asked Connor if he would talk to a fan on the phone..he said..yes.  So she called me and handed the phone to Connor who proceeded to chit chat with me for a few minutes!  I don't know what his accent is but he has a cute voice to go with the cute face! lol... I thought it was great of Michelle to do that and fantastic that Connor agreed to talk on the phone to me!

I do have the above Trek photo of him signed that another friend had gotten me about 2 yrs ago.. but I would have loved to meet him! Maybe one day he will do a Florida convention... not that I could get there anyway but it wouldn't be from the lack of trying!!!!


Anonymous Richard R. said...

Chamberlin is a fine actor, I don't know why it "would hurt to remember" him. I think some of his very best work was in SHOGUN and he version of COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO he did remains my favorite.

11:17 AM  
Blogger Cath said...

Ohhhhh, fun fun post, Pat. Richard Chamberlin was one of my first loves. I worshipped Dr. Kildare and can still sing the the theme music. (But won't in case I cause a stampede...)

I fully understand why you miss those autograph shows. I would too. I never watched Enterprise but when I saw photos the one I always thought looked real cute was... Connor Trinneer. Wonderful that you got to talk to him!

12:16 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

Sorry you had to miss the show since you've moved but that is so cool that you got to speak to Connor on the phone!

4:05 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Richard: Oh wow I forgot he did the Count of Monte Cristo! and yes I certainly remember Shogun!..the reason for the "hurt to remember him" is simply that only us "of a certain AGE" will remember him!

Cath: yes, he was the cutest in Enterprise..he also had a number of episodes "star" him and then a great story line of him and
T'Pol (Jolene Blalock, the Vulcan) falling in was done so subtle over many episodes that it was really good !!

Kathleen: yes, that was special, but it doesn't beat meeting them face to face ..friendly celebs like him will talk quite a bit when you meet them if you ask interesting questions!

5:50 AM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My Dear....As old as you??
I am older--by quite a few! And I remwember "Dr. Kildare" very well...quite a few people I knew were on that show....
So sorry you had to miss that Bew Jersey Show, my dear. I know how much it meant to you to go to it and others, too. But how great you got to talk to that very attractive gentleman.

2:56 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

my sis and I drooled over Dr Kildare -- and we were quite young.

as for Trip.. Hey! I remember seeing him on the star trek show. He is from my town. born here.

12:37 PM  

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