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My name is Pat and I live in Florida. My skin will never be smooth again and my hair will never see color. I enjoy collecting autographs and playing in Paint Shop Pro.,along with reading and writing. Sometimes, I enjoy myself by doing volunteer "work" helping celebrities at autograph shows. I love animals and at one time I did volunteer work for Tippi Hedren's Shambala Preserve.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Big Birds..

There were 2 Woodstorks outside yesterday.. one was close to my apartment.. (the one below)

... and the other was off in the corner of the pond taking a bath.

... it's a lot of work for a big bird to take a bath!

...and then they get to stand around like this to dry off!

The Egret stayed on the grass island and just watched the antics. And so goes another day at the Pond.



Blogger cj said...

Pat -

Haven't commented lately but your photos never cease to amaze me. I love that egret 0 it's so beautifully white. Thanks for sharing photos that remind me spring will eventually be here.


11:11 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

cj: i love the Egrets for being so white too lol.. I think I am the only person not wanting the heat to come back and it's getting hot and humid here already I hope the cold snaps aren't done yet! It's so nice not to have to live in air conditioning and have horrendous electric bills for a few months!

6:43 AM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thank you for your very dear comment Pat...I'm glad I found you, too!

These birds are SOOOO Beautiful! And your pictures of them are stunning....! You should put togther a book of all the wonderful pictures you have taken and will be taking of The Pond!! They are so clear and the focus s fabulous...I feel like I could touch the feathers! Very Very Beautiful!

5:42 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

I love Woody!! I think he's my favorite of all of the birds at the pond :) So unique looking!

1:23 AM  

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