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Saturday, July 02, 2011

More Books in the House!

I swear, I have no will power what so ever........

While at Big Lots last week, I saw that they were having a sale on their books.  Generally they don't have anything that I care for but then I spotted one book that I remembered some reviews on (mostly Cath!) and they liked the books.

So when I saw this one.. 50 cents..and it's a new was to difficult to leave it there!  And so I will actually hand out a "bad blogger's" point to my Sis.. Cath!..

Two more books made it here.  When I preordered 2 other books (thanks to my son Chris) I also ordered these to be sure I had no shipping of course!  I think Graveminder might be something for RIP..ya think?!

...a few days have passed.. found yet another 50 cent book (new)! I think I have to stay home more..*groan*  (another point for Cath!)

And last but not least... the books I got as a gift from Chris.. and so HE gets a Bad Blogger point!!!.. all of the points are well deserved!

Just lookey what I got!!  The newest Pern book! Written by Todd McCaffrey with help from Anne McCaffrey!!  (She and Todd are supposed to be at Dragon Con in Atlanta in September..what I wouldn't give to get her autograph on my HB copy of the White Dragon!) I can't wait to finish the book I am reading so I can read Pern once again!

And another new book, The Map of Time, that I've heard good things about, that I think might be something to save for RIP... got to love the cover!!!!

So... once again my tbr mountain grows and grows!    (good thing I am on the ground floor!)

I have yet to figure out how to stop buying books and work on my mountain of books I already have... what ever makes me think I can or will ever read all the books I have??????  How did I ever get so addicted (Carl and Chris!) ??

When I was very young I read "some" but I wasn't a big reader like most book blogger's are/were.  I can remember reading some from the library in town.. (want to see what a small town library looks like? lol)

It is small ! Not even an upstairs to it lol.. But then, it's was also a very small town, and in many ways it still is except for the population growth.

I also remember reading some, believe it or not,  Zane Gray . That was possibly due to the fact that there were many western movies and series on television when I was young. (Roy Rogers, Cisco Kid, Gene Autry, Lawman, The Virginian, Wagon Train etc)

Anyway, I wasn't a big reader. And in the past 4 yrs I've gone from 2 or 3 in a tbr pile to 146~ hello?! Add to it, that many of the books are chunksters, and I have slowed down a lot in my reading (not that I don't like it.. it's harder on my eyes)... I feel like I should send out a distress signal for help! lol.

Any suggestions on how to get a smaller tbr pile would be helpful.

My bookshelves thank you. :o)


Blogger animewookie said...

Oh how wonderful! I really like the cover on that Sister, although it's one of those, authors name bigger than the title books you love so much
Your Son Chris is such an and he's wonderful for it :D
I wonder what that library looks like now?

9:21 AM  
Blogger Cath said...

You're asking a bunch of people so addicted to reading that they have bookblogs how to get a smaller tbr pile??? 'Scuse me while I ROTFLMAO.

That aside and now that I've finished sniggering... good finds! Especially impressed with Court of the Air for 50cents! Takes a little while to get into that one but you're good at chunksters so I don't think that will be a problem for you. And a Jasper Fforde too, plus a couple of those potential RIP ones look good.

What a cute library!

9:59 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

kelly I doubt the library has changed at all.. small town, which was really nice.

Cath: well, ya know, someone might have an idea lol lol...

5:45 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

Well there are worse things you could collect! I have the same problem you do so can't give you any good advice on how to stop collecting books! LOL!

6:53 PM  

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