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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Look What Can Be Found for Fifty Cents


My girlfriend, Dottie and I go thrift-shopping now and then.  (ok.. maybe more than now and then).

She mostly collects Christmas stuff and I mostly collect books.  Key word is mostly..we seem to get other things now and again. heh.

Anyway.. we went to one of "our places" knowing there would be lots of books.  Thankfully, I am getting fussy at my choices ONLY because of space in this small apartment.  Dottie, on the other hand has a whole house AND a hubby that like to read too!

Between us she managed to pick up about 14 books for about 7.00.  cha-ching!

She came across one quite old book that looked pretty bad on the condition but when she opened it there were prints of old presidents.  Knowing I have been doing a lot of reading on them she called me over to see it.  I asked if she was getting the book.. she was unsure at the moment, so I said, ok IF you don't want it I will take it and I went back to digging thru these humongous boxes of books.   An hour later she said, you can have the book because I know you would like it.  Ok *smirk *  thanks Dottie.  I think she felt bad cause she had 14 books and I had 1 which is not for me but my son. 

So today I tried to do some research on this book.  Let me show you what little I found.................


[New York, Bureau of national literature and art, c1901]
Physical description
28 l. illus., 24 ports., facsims. 52 x 42 cm. (this copy has only 23 ports, some with damage)


Presidents > United States > Portraits
Gravure company of America
Gravure company of America

Bibliographic information

Publication date
1901  (the copyright in this says 1907)
Title from half-title.
Added half-title: The presidents.
First leaf printed on both sides.
The ports. are by the Gravure company of America. Each port. accompanied by guard-sheet with descriptive letter-press.
"The artists proof edition is limited to five thousand copies, each numbered and registered."

(below are just a few samples)............


I think they are fantastic!  There are rips on some and a number of them are missing but still.......... I love this book!

So.. Thank you again Dottie!  You can borrow it anytime! 

Isn't it amazing what fifty cents can get sometimes!... to be honest, you can't even get a cup of coffee for fifty cents!...  and yet..there's this book. *smile*


Blogger Cath said...

What an amazing little find! A real gem. I love finding bargains like this.

5:43 PM  
OpenID said...

Wow, what a treasure and at such a bargain! :)

10:36 PM  

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