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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Just Because the Hobbit movies are coming to an End.

I was digging in old photo's for Thowback Thursdays and I came across these four photo's I had taken EON's ago!  What they are, in case you aren't sure, is:  I first drew these four drawings on my old "bellbottom" jeans and then embroidered them.

The drawings I copied from a book by Rankin/ Bass of Tolkiens Hobbit story which they had made a cartoon out of ... again: eons ago.  I purchased the book in 1977 .   That gives you and idea of how old these are... when the jeans wore out I cut them off and sewed them to a second pair of jeans before they finally were getting not worth saving.

What no one realized back then is how many hours it takes to embroider these!  I had one person tell me they would pay me to do Smaug on his jean jacket... I told him I would only charge 1.00 an hour but Smaug would then cost about 45.00... he changed his mind lol.

Below is a scan of the book I copied the drawings from.. back then it was all there was of The Hobbit.

Now, of course we have Peter Jackson and his fabulous versions of Lord of the Rings and .. The Hobbit!

I doubt Peter Jackson will ever really know how it makes me, and many others, feel to see it come to life so magnificently!  It's like he got inside my head.  But actually it's what was in HIS head!  His obsession to do it and do it like no one else could have done.

Thank you more than you know Mr Jackson!

Meanwhile, I still have the old book... but no longer have the old embroideries....except for one...that's rather large.  It would surely not fit on a pair of jeans!


(it's about 38 inches wide and took nearly a year to embroider it all)

Anyway.... enough of old memories...and on to December when we get to see the last installment of Tolkien/ Peter Jackson's, The Hobbit!


Blogger Cath said...

Now how come I didn't know you did embroidery? I used to do loads of cross-stitch but not at all these days. More evidence that we're sisters. LOL!

8:11 AM  
Blogger Debi said...

HOLY MOLY, PAT!!! Those are freakin' incredible!!! It makes me so sad to hear that you don't have the ones from your jeans anymore. Seriously, lady, they are fantastic!!! I truly get how much time and talent goes into those, and I am IN AWE!!!

8:12 AM  
Blogger Kelly Fastige said...

Wow! Seriously, that's crazy amounts of work and talent. Your artistic ability never ceases to amaze me <3

5:24 AM  

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