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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Show Me Your Book Stash Post

My "sis", Cath did this post so I had to follow suit.   A number of these books I've had a long time so might look familiar to those who know me lol!

We begin with the small pile close to my reading chair... among these are: Touchstone by Laurie R King waiting for a second reading.  Franklin and Winston, waiting for it's first reading lol.  Sons & Brothers (J.F. Kennedy), The Girls (actresses), Lee Grant (actress) In the Garden of Beasts, Twilight of the World of Tomorrow, The Solitary House,Quincunx (which I may not read as the printing is very small) and the 2 Susan Hill books.

By another chair in the living room sits a few more books... a number are biographies and some others are about the Race to the Moon. Roosevelt and Kennedy books are scattered about also.

More of the same...

In the dining area I have a few more books....  I seem to have a few Charles Dickens and a few by Edward Rutherfurd.  Also more biographies and autobiographies.  Some of these books I've had for a few years!!!

Next to them, still in the dining area are some fiction and fantasy....

...Some Sherlock Holmes and some Trek Biographies (those are already read)

Bedroom... in this room are already read books that I am trying to keep room enough to keep!!  Some here will "go with me" due to trying to "pry them out of my cold dead hands" when my time comes!

The group here in plastic, all books / guides on LOTR  and Hobbit are in plastic because there are a number of autographs in the books!

..then there some books that I reread every few years...

More of the same below along with.. MIchael Scott's series on Nicholas Flamel, which I love,  LOTR, and some Wilkie Collins.  Some of my favorite books on the Space Race including one signed by Buzz Aldrin, and one of my favorite biographies called Stan and Ollie. The book  Drood, I've read twice now.

My Stephen R Donaldson collection which I have read more than once. 

On the bottom are a number of Art books.

..this whole book case "comes with me when I die!"... in here are my top favorites.  Needless to say.. Anne McCaffrey's Pern books ALL come with me!  I love David Eddings Belgariad series, Jonathan Strouds, the Bartimaeus Trilogy, Cornelia Funks Inkheart Trilogy..Weis and Hickmans Dragonlance Chonicles and of course the Harry Potter series.

I will put out the challenge for others to show their book stash on their blog and leave links in places like Facebook!


Blogger Cath said...

Fabulous post, Pat. Fascinated by all your biographical type books. I just wanted to pull them off the shelves and start reading. If I ever visit you, you might lose me to your books. LOL.

My favourite shelf though, is the DRAGON shelf. How gorgeous is that with all your dragons lined up. Love it.

6:03 PM  
OpenID cmriedel said...

Hello Pat! I am pleasantly surprised to find you have done the activity I created! If you were wanting to enter, leave your link at my blog. All I asked was blog subscription, or being added as a friend at Goodreads and you'll be entered to choose from my used books or other prizes. :)

If you've done this just for fun, please give the link to my special event. I'm a small blog, so your offer to advertise my activity is grand! Just don't forget to provide the hostess' link, lest others join in. Sincerely, Carolyn Of 'RIEDEL Fascination'.

10:14 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

I love this post, Pat! All those dragons are awesome.....and even better are the books! Yaaay! YOu do have loads of memoirs to read, don't you? I think you and I have been meaning to read the same books for quite some time now, though you have read Drood twice now when I haven't made it through it yet! lol I need to read Quincunx too, I keep hearing about it. And Dickens. And Rutherford's London. Wow. That is quite a stash of books you have, read and unread, Pat. What pleasure to see what is on your shelves :-) Thanks so much for sharing!

12:36 AM  
OpenID cmriedel said...

I'm pleased to find your post at my blog, home of the tagline and event. I commented there. :) Wow, if you did spread the word at other sites and clarify 'Show Your Stash' comes from me; I thank you sincerely. I work hard to get a few people to my events. An influx of participants, or just subscribers to my writings, is why I do this and would be lovely!

Gratefully, Carolyn.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Carl V. Anderson said...

It is always fun to see people's books, especially when they are stashed all over the place. The sign of a passionate reader and lover of books!

10:54 AM  

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