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Friday, June 02, 2006

Hippy-dippy weather report...

Well, the weather man got it right this time... (where's George Carlin when you need him?)

Early yesterday evening (around 7 pm) we were told to expect a fast moving storm.

They were right! Now, it may have been only an hour long but ..oh boy.. it was a beaut! The rolling thunder began and I shut down my computer and thought I could watch tv thru it (generally we are able to do that). But.. you guessed it.. the tv would go off with the first real crack of lightening!

It lightening and thundered for maybe 15 minutes before the rain began.. all the cats except Peanutchew and Booboo hid. (I'll never know where all these cats hide but you can count on the fact if your life depended on finding any of them during a lightening storm.. you'd be dead!) BooBoo and Peanut were laying on the bed with me as I watched television, but the lightening seemed far tooooo close and so I turned off the tv. Moments later a lightening cracked so hard and loud I could swear to you it totally lit up the house here! Booboo jumped straight up and ran! I jumped nearly off of the bed.. it sounded to me like I heard "crackling noises IN the house when it happened) But the lights were still on.

I went downstairs to check on my brother and David who were both a bit shaken from it too. It was at that moment I told David, "you realize, every since I got a fat lip on the phone during a storm .. I DO NOT answer phones when there is ANY lightening around!" (safe to say here, I am the person who answers their phone all the time).. David chuckled, and before he stopped... the phone rang! (heh) ... I say "bye" and took a few steps to return upstairs. David answered the "cell phone" saying it was "safer".. yeah right David, tell me that after your ear melts off!

It was the neighbor. (David owns the homes on each side of us) The lights there had gone off and they thought they smelled something. David got a flashlight and went over. He went to the cellar and saw that the fuse box had "tripped" so he reset it.. lights came on.. Whew. But not the end.. he got a call back a little later and went back.. it seems the lightened burned out all the overhead fixtures in the ceiling upstairs in that house!! (Can we say: thank you for not burning out my computers?!!!)

The Electrician is due to come by today and will have to replace all the lights upstairs in that house.. (can we say: Holy Moley, that will cost a small bundle?!)

So.. it was an exciting evening.. one in which we could have done without, but glad it wasn't any worse then it was!! All the times that weather men are wrong.... this time they hadda be right!

(don't forget it's Feline Friday.. my post is here)


Blogger Virginia said...


When I was young, storms didn't bother me, but the older I get, the more mortal I feel.

Peace, Virginia

9:10 PM  
Blogger V said...

Carlin was great!

7:29 AM  

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