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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I just finished reading Moondust: The Search for the Men That Fell to Earth

I sent for this book because the write up said the author was in search of the "Moonwalkers" to try to understand those years better and to see what became of the very few that actually walked on the moon.

He delivered that and more.

In between finding the Astronauts, he would discuss what was going on during those years here on earth, and with the young man he was at the time. In the very least, he was most interesting. He did find the "moonwalkers" and found out what they did after walking on the moon and how life changed for each of them.

I felt something within the author that I related to.. namely.. he saw them as amazing individuals as I do. Once he wrote: Not for the first time, I want to laugh at the sight of everyone else going about their business.. chatting and checking/ asking directions or buying drinks or waiting in the lobe for traveling companions to show.... unaware that standing quietly in their midst is someone who lived on the Moon for three days. Most of the time I forget how strange what I'm doing is, but every so often it hits me like an Arctic wind. It does now..

And he noted: Twenty-seven left, nine landed, all came back. Something I've said before: the more you consider what Apollo did in so little time, the more unbelievable it seems.

Myself, well... I've already said it... they are my heroes. Yes, it gripes me that after all they did that NASA stepped back and didn't keep going forward. But I also know the reason is "politics". If it were up to NASA, I doubt they would have stopped in their tracks and doggie paddled for so many years, making it look as if those brave men went for no particular reason. But that doesn't blind me. It takes a special kind of man to sit atop that rocket and go to the moon, only "thinking" he could get back. That much will never change.

The book wasn't ALL I thought it would be, but I definitly enjoyed reading it, and found times I wanted to keep reading when I was too tired so I'd put it down not wanting to "miss something from a foggy brain".

I learned a few things about some of the Moonwalkers that I didn't know.. and I stay steadfast and loyal... they ARE my heroes.

Since the one time I got to meet and be in the same room with some of heroes of mine (breathing the same air even!!) I've hoped they would do the show again here in NJ but.. each year they are somewhere else.

I did find two Shows that many of them will be at though and I'll put the links here in case you are interested in the Original Astronauts and happen to be in the vicinity that you might want to go.

Spacefest 2007 will be held in August at the Mesa Convention Center in Phoenix. (click the link to see who all will be there)

The 2007 Kennedy Space Center Florida Convention and Autograph Show will be in June at the Kennedy Space Center! (eating my heart out here!)

...'till next time...


Blogger Lee said...

Interesting post, Deslily. That sounds like a very good read. And yes, they are heroes and should always be treated as such.

1:13 AM  
Blogger Carl V. Anderson said...

Oh, wow! That book is right up my alley. Very good review. I'm off to put it on my Amazon list!

8:34 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Lee: always glad to hear others feel the same way I do about them!

Carl: Hmmm, I never knew you were into the Astronauts of "old"! Cool!

9:59 AM  
Blogger Carl V. Anderson said...

The astronauts of 'old' are the real life heroes all past and present science fiction fans dream of being. To have been out in space and looked back on the earth leaves me in complete and utter awe. I'm getting this one, it's only $7.99 on Amazon!

6:02 PM  

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