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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ageing in America

Wednesday, October 5, 200511:13:00 AM EDT

I believe more and more that the "elderly" in the U.S. are the forgotten people.

The "golden years" that we so look forward to aren't even there unless you are among the very wealthy. I have found "middle class" just doesn't exist anymore. So, when you age, all that happens is to find ways to crush you until you no longer exist.

The biggest "crush" is on health care for the elderly. If you really think you can age and not ever need medicines or surgeries as your body deteriorates, you are sadly mistaken. And the worst part is: no one cares. Most especially those that make medicine and doctors that care for you. It's all about "the american dream for money". And if you don't have it.. no one cares, especially the government. Billions can be spent to help in other countries (and I agree they are worse off), but let someone in their 60's need surgery and even with insurance their life savings can be ripped from them in one swoop. And then they wonder why aged people say they look forward to dieing.. to get the physical and mental stress over with. Other countries, far worse off then America, takes COMPLETE care of their elderly. Shouldn't it be part of the American Dream to not suffer or live in poverty at the end of our lives??


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