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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pimping my Son..

I'm about to pimp my son... yep you heard it.. gunna pimp some news that I just found out about him.

Since the news would only interest those who Rollar Blade or Speed Skate I'll be nice and only show his photo and give a link to read...

This is my son George. Married to the beautiful Kathleen, mother of my grandson Brent. George has been designing inline skate plates for some time now and it seems he's going to try to make it a business... below is the link to the newly acquired information.

So I ask that anyone into skating take a look.. or if you know someone tell them of the link!!

Skate Innovator Starts New Company
Liberty Sports will produce frames, wheels and bearings
By Planet staff
(posted Tuesday, June 13, 2006)


Blogger Chris said...

Pimping your son? Isn't that illegal?

Great post and congrats to him!

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5:36 PM  

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