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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Booking Thru Thursday (on Saturday)

I generally don't do weekly memes but since it is a question I can answer yes to.. I thought I'd go ahead and do it.. even if it is posted way late!

Booking Through Thursday...Celebrities?
Do you read celebrity memoirs? Which ones have you read or do you want to read? Which nonexistent celebrity memoirs would you like to see?

I've always enjoyed a Biography or Autobiography now and then and even get on a kick of them occasionally.

I like when they aren't just a list of their movies or "tell all" who had sex with who.. I don't really care about that.  But I do like when they really talk to you like you were sitting across from them listening to their story.

Below, are two of my all time favorites.  One an Autobiography the other a Biography.

I had heard stories of John Huston but still he fascinated me.  He had this voice you knew at an instant and did as well acting as he did directing!  There were two major books out on him but this one is the one HE wrote.

And Stan and Ollie ..well this one I just loved to death.  It told about each of them before they got paired up, how they met, and what making movies was like back then. Very very interesting and well told.

Other celebrities I am very interested in are our "original" Astronauts.  The ones that were our first in space and the ones leading up to and actually walking on the moon.  I am proud to say I met two of them personally, Alan Bean and Dick Gordon.  Bean walked on the moon, while Gordon kept the capsule ship safe going around the moon until they docked once again.

Of the books shown here (there are a few more but I got tired of digging them out) my all time favorite is Moon Shot, which was also made into a movie.

As far as one I'd like to read that isn't written... I'd like to read Sean Connery's autobiography.  Oh, there are books out on him, but I'd like to read one HE wrote.

What about you? Any celebrity memoir that you're interested in?


Blogger Cath said...

I suppose the celebrity books I'm interested in are the kind of people who have lived a long and full life. The trend these days is for so called 'celebrities' who are like, 25 years old, to bring out an autobiography just before Christmas and you know full well they're only after making a fast buck, and I dislike that intensely.

The kind of thing you read would interest me too, Pat... that Laurel and Hardy book for instance... where it's written about a time I know little about and thus would learn something and find it interesting. Alan Rickman's autobiography would interest me if he ever wrote one. And I'd like to read the one Pamela Stephenson wrote about her husband, Billy Connelly. There are loads of others but I can't think of them at the moment.

8:58 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Cath: oh! alan Rickman! woof! lol I love alan rickman!

9:01 AM  
Blogger Cath said...

Oh yes... Alan Rickman... I bet he'd have some fascinating tales to tell.

Oh... I must add that I really want to read that Tony Curtis book you have. If I ever win the lottery, Pat, I'm moving you to England. 8-D

9:07 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Cath: LOL it's not ME that would cost to get to England... but all the books!!! My son bitched at me a lot when he was unpacking the truck.. "why cant you read a book and then give it away!" lol

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Shanra said...

It's really nice to see a post on this question by someone who does read such books, Pat! ^-^ (If only because they're instantly more appealing like this. ^-~) Cath makes a really good point about trends.

I'd feel much, much happier about reading some of the books I'm seeing here than I'd be about reading the ones about 'celebrities'. (The Laurel and Hardy one sounds appealing, and the Peter Jackson one just looks like a lot of fun. *swayed by the cover and the mention of LotR, yes*) I'm sure there are good and well-written autobiographies there too, but...

(Funnily, for all my disinterest in autobiographies, I'm recently reading an author whose semi-autobiographic works I'm going to have to try and dig up over time. *very impressed, yes*

10:10 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

shanra: some are well written and very interesting.. while others are not. Hard decision sometimes

11:54 AM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I think my very favorite Celebrity Memoir is a very old one. Hildegard Neff's first book. No one remembers her anymore, but she was a very talented Germen actress that came to the states after WW2 and was on The Broadway stage, as well as in films....he was quite an extraordinary women and very very smart as well as sensitive....!

There are others, too....
"MALCOM X" effected me more than any other book I have ever read...I read it back in 1966 and it was profound in every way...It changed something in me and to me, this is the greatest gift a book can give you.

6:47 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

naomi: yes in deed if a book changes you somehow it's a very powerful book!

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Daniel said...

I'd like to read one of the "Doris Day" books out there. I want all of the books you mention above ! What a great selection !!! (PS "Inkheart" is now out on DVD, I'm watching it at a friend's house tonight) :-)

8:30 PM  

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